Wallpaper selection guide

Perhaps most of us have traditionally used a variety of oil paints or plastics to decorate the walls of our study or living room. But different technologies in the field of producing different types of wallpaper designs have caused the special place of wallpaper in home decoration. However, choosing a wallpaper design for the walls of places can have, in addition to beauty, different functions such as thermal and refrigeration insulation and sound insulation.

To find the best wallpaper design, you should first know that wallpapers can give color, pattern, design, texture and beauty to the environment and are able to change the overall look of a room even more than painting. Have you been inclined to add wallpaper to your space and for some reason you did not? If you have good information, you can choose the best type of wallpaper for you.

wallpaper Modern
Choosing the right color for the wallpaper can make any space look more beautiful.

Catering wallpaper selection guide is one of the ways of interior design that can easily help you to achieve everything you want in your home space. If you want to give a more beautiful and elegant look to your home, covering the walls with this design magic can be the best and easiest choice for you. But what is important about using wallpaper in interior design is to choose and use the right wallpaper.

Classic Wallpaper
An example of setting wallpaper with interior decoration

Wallpaper selection guide

First, we review the necessary steps that are taken before choosing wallpaper to change the decoration. Decide what your ultimate goal is to install wallpaper. Wallpapers are used to create depth on the walls, make the room look bigger, add attractive views or add color to a space.

Also, depending on the type of your room, choosing the right reception wallpaper is different. For example, the living room is a public space at home where family and friends spend time together. It is a place for fun and entertainment, so the wallpaper should be cheerful and colorful and the walls should have beautiful patterns.

Tropical forest design wallpaper
Tropical and forest designs can create a warm and intimate atmosphere for you.

Guide to choosing wallpaper for the bedroom

The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom is a little different. The bedroom should be designed to be suitable for rest and comfort. This is why bedroom walls are usually simple and contain soft colors. Wallpaper can be a great choice. You can choose a subtle floral or slightly more sophisticated design for your bedroom wallpaper, nature-inspired designs or something completely different like geometric pattern patterns. However, the color of the wallpaper used in it should be simple and soft.

Select wallpaper
Black themed wallpaper idea in bright fixtures

It is wrong to apply wallpaper to all bedroom walls with patterned wallpaper. Instead, you can consider one of the walls of the room as a landmark wall. Typically, the wall chosen for this purpose in the bedroom is the wall behind the bed. Cover the index wall with patterned wallpaper and the side walls with plain wallpaper. The colors and designs you choose for the wallpaper in the room should be in harmony with the other components of the bedroom.

wallpaper bedroom
Floral wallpaper suitable for bedroom space

Guide to choosing wallpaper for the kitchen

Another space of the house that can benefit from the colorful designs of the wallpaper is the kitchen. Here you are free to choose any color and design you want. Your hands are wide open for personalization. But make sure that the design and color match the wallpaper. Design an enjoyable yet comfortable space. Kitchens are painted in white and neutral colors as much as possible. But other colors, especially warmer colors, should not be left out. For example, you can choose wallpaper with geometric shapes like a chessboard, and they do not have to be black and white.

Select wallpaper
The idea of ​​different walls in the work room with the help of paint and wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for the study

In some homes, space is allocated as a study. Like any other room in the house, they need to be decorated. Unlike a living room wallpaper, a study should be as professional, simple, clean, and functional as possible. For this case too, you have several choices for wallpaper. You can choose wallpaper with simple but patterned colors.

راهنمای انتخاب کاغذ دیواری

Choose wallpaper in harmony with the environment

The place where you want to use the wallpaper will affect the type of wallpaper you choose. Corridors, for example, are among the places where wallpaper is most likely to be destroyed or destroyed. For this reason, if you want to use wallpaper in such a place, you must choose the type that has more resistance and durability. In places such as bathrooms or kitchens that are exposed to water and have a more humid atmosphere, wallpapers that are resistant to moisture and humidity should be used, and for this purpose, vinyl wallpapers will be a better choice.

But you will be more open to choose the wallpaper for the reception.

Wallpaper selection guide
With a little taste, you can also use floral wallpaper in the kitchen space.

Pay attention to the price of wallpaper

Each roll of wallpaper has a variety from low price to very high price according to its material and quality. If you want to personalize the walls of your house, it is better to choose cheaper wallpapers for the first time so that your mistakes will not cost you dearly. But if you are interested in luxury and expensive wallpaper, you can use only one roll of it in a special place, for example, for a piece of wallpaper and give a significant and different atmosphere to your living environment. Sticking just one roll of wallpaper on the wall is easy and you can easily do it, but if you think you can not do it alone, get help from professionals.

Select wallpaper
Flower wall poster is a design that can be executed both in private and in a crowded space.

Calculate the amount of need for wallpaper

For this purpose, by multiplying the width and length of the walls by each other, you can calculate the amount of square meters that you need wallpaper. Then subtract surfaces such as windows and doors that do not use wallpaper from the amount of square footage you gain. You can use online calculators to get the exact amount of wallpaper you need.

For example, for reception wallpaper, after measuring the length and width and calculating the square meter, measure the length and width of the windows. Finally, reduce the total area of ​​the wall.

Workroom wallpaper
Simple wallpaper and patina suitable for office space

Start working from the corners of the wall

This will complete the first role you play. But if the wallpaper you are using has a large design, start using it from a focal point such as a fireplace and work your way to the corners. This way you can maintain the symmetry between the designs.

Green damask wallpaper
Damask wallpapers suitable for classic space

Measure the required height

When you want to measure the height of the wallpaper, add one to two centimeters from the top and bottom. Also, to prevent the wallpaper design from getting messy, be sure to check the placement of the designs and then apply them to the wall. Mark the part that should be high on the wallpaper.

Modern wallpaper
Modern wallpaper can give another color to your living space

The size of the space in the selection of wallpaper

The size of the space to be wallpaper has an important effect on the choice of wallpaper. If you are facing a large space, your hands are more open to choose the color and design of the wallpaper, but if the space is small, you need to be more careful. Lighter wallpapers should be used in smaller spaces. If you go for patterned wallpaper, you should also keep in mind that larger designs make the space look bigger.

3d wallpaper
By choosing 3D wallpaper for your living space, you can give a new look to your home.

Space decoration

The style of space decoration is also effective in choosing the type of wallpaper. In order to create a good fit between all the parts of the decor of a space, it is definitely better to coordinate the wallpaper with the other parts. These days, there are different types of wallpaper, each of which has a unique style, and due to their appearance, they are well associated with certain styles of decoration. You have to choose the closest style from the available options.

Floral wallpaper
The wallpaper is set with the color of gray furniture and has created a beautiful atmosphere.

Space function in wallpaper selection guide

You must consider the function of space in choosing wallpaper. Of course, not every option can be chosen for the desired space. Some designs and colors are only used for certain spaces and in other spaces they will not look very interesting. Even the material and other capabilities of the wallpaper should be commensurate with the function of the space chosen for it.

Brick design wallpaper
Brick wallpaper can be suitable for home work space.

Space furniture

The type of furniture in the space also affects your choice. What style and color of furniture you consider directly affects the choice of style and color of the reception wallpaper. You can even consider the texture of the wallpaper in this regard. The furniture you choose is a companion to the wallpaper. Of course, the color palette of the decoration of your desired space will be ideal when you pay attention to the fit of these items.

Space furniture
With beautiful furniture and wallpaper sets, you can create a beautiful atmosphere

Space light

Another important point in choosing wallpaper is the amount of light in the space. You may pay less attention to such points when choosing wallpaper, but this option is certainly as effective as it is. If you have a bright space, you can use dull and dark wallpaper, but if the space is dim and dark, it is recommended to go for lighter options that reflect light.

Wallpaper behind the TV
Using a design that is less eye-catching is suitable for the back of the TV

Tips on choosing wallpaper

One of the things you need to do before buying wallpaper is to find an overview of the design you want to have. The following tips will guide you when it comes to choosing wallpaper.

3D wallpaper
If you use 3D wallpaper for the wall behind the TV, you should cover the other walls with a simple design.

An overview of the design

To make the right choice, you need to know in advance what you are looking for. Otherwise, you will be simply confused by the many options that each store offers. Try to see the various designs of magazines, sites and books before entering any store. Consider all kinds of designs and try to imagine them in your home space. In this way, you can achieve to a large extent what suits your living space. Having a field of what you want, it will be easier to find the ideal design and will get you results faster.

تصور کلی از طرح مورد نظر کاغذدیواری

Exercise your spirits in the choice

One of the things to keep in mind when choosing wallpaper is your mood. This parameter is also considered in the wallpaper selection guide. Keep in mind that installing a wallpaper means that you will make your home space look special for a relatively long time. Wallpapers are not small paintings that you can easily replace with another design when you are tired of them and their design. Of course, you will be able to change the wallpaper of your home whenever you want, but this is naturally time consuming and problematic. That’s why you have to pay attention to your spirits in choosing the right design. Avoid choosing popular or new fashion models that would simply go out of style later.

Select wallpaper
Balancing the yellow decoration and combining it with white accessories

Large or small space

The size of the space to be wallpaper. The size of the space in the wallpaper selection guide is another factor that affects your choice. A large space has the ability to be formed with darker designs and more crowded and larger patterns. But this is not the case with small spaces. Small spaces look smaller than they are when using dark and crowded designs. A small space will greatly limit your choice of wallpaper. To choose the right design for such spaces, it is better to use simpler, brighter types with smaller patterns.

Select wallpaper
Use geometric patterns for more depth of space

Pay attention to the color of the home appliances

Another factor that determines the type of wallpaper is the color of the accessories and furniture that you have placed in the space. In cases where you have purchased the accessories before preparing and installing the wallpaper or you want to use your old accessories, it is the accessories that determine what kind of wallpaper is suitable for your living space. The color of your furniture should be in perfect harmony with the color of the wallpaper you want. Do not confuse this with their same color. Proportion does not necessarily mean being the same. Contrasting and different colors can also be placed in proportion to each other and help create a beautiful atmosphere by creating contrast.

Wallpaper selection guide
Corrugated wallpaper code 4102 from uranium album

Consider the height of the ceiling

The height of the ceiling of the desired space is also one of the factors that it is recommended to pay attention to when choosing the right wallpaper. Short ceilings can be made taller by using tricks such as using the right wallpaper. Of course, the high height of the ceiling, in turn, is effective in highlighting a larger space. In this regard, the design of the wallpaper can be very decisive. Vertical corrugated wallpapers can make a wall look taller than it really is, and thus make the ceiling of the space look taller.

Select wallpaper
Checkered wallpaper for simple and unpolluted decorations

Use contrast

You can use contrast to help make your reception wallpaper fit your furniture and other parts of your decor. For example, you can use two different colors for this purpose. Note that the colors in question must be in proportion to each other and in harmony with each other. The combination of red and white is a good example of this. If you want the result to look more attractive, consider a little bit of one color in the heart of the other color.

Catering wallpaper
Textured wallpaper is available on all Extreme Walls albums and can replace white

Choose matching colors

Another way to place your wallpaper in the heart of the decoration and create a great fit between the components is the harmony of colors. You can choose a color and get help from different spectrums in the design. Remember that not all your equipment is supposed to be the same color. No one wants to face a lifeless and dull atmosphere. Consider a general theme for coloring and apply it to your selection of wallpaper and other accessories.

Select wallpaper
The choice of design and color of the wallpaper should be in harmony

Consider a pattern

Patterns are powerful visual cues for creating fit and beauty in space. If you have a unique and unique pattern in interior design, you can use it to set your wallpaper with other accessories and furniture. This pattern can be a geometric and modern shape or a classic type. It is relatively difficult to choose items that match the exact pattern of the wallpaper. So try to consider everything before buying wallpaper.

Classic style wallpaper
A combination of damask wallpaper and modern style layout

Pay attention to the weather in the wallpaper selection guide

Another way to choose a reception wallpaper that fits your interior design and furniture is to pay attention to the atmosphere of the space. Each house has a special and unique atmosphere according to the tastes of the people who live in it and the style in designing and choosing furniture and appliances. If you pay attention to the weather, you will easily find out which model of wallpaper is more suitable for your space. For example, if the atmosphere in your home is warm and intimate, the wallpaper should be chosen in the same way. If the space is stylish and classic, you should look for a similar model. This choice depends exactly on your taste and mood.

Select wallpaper
Use colored wallpaper suitable for cold and neutral spaces

Choosing a wallpaper design in Iran

In general, wallpapers available in the Iranian market are divided into two foreign categories: countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, South Korea, Italy, Germany and Poland, and domestic products. Or the design is no less than foreigners. But because in a group of exterior wallpaper, special designs or types of decorative metals are used. Domestic production has not yet been successful in competing with it. Therefore, it is better to pay good attention to whether they are internal or external when choosing a design.

Select wallpaper
Make a connection between the wallpaper and the cushions for the balance of home decoration

Select the material of the wallpaper

Wallpaper is divided into different types according to dimensions, designs and raw materials, which can be fabric or plastic, patterned or plain, embossed or flat type, and finally, vinyl-coated wallpaper as the most suitable and durable choice. Is. Of course, this type of wallpaper is divided into two types according to the desired surface: the first group, which has a vinyl coating on the back of the wallpaper, and the second group, which has used this coating on the wallpaper.

However, both models of this wallpaper are washable. But the second group is more durable, stable and strong than the first group due to the presence of vinyl as a protective layer for the design and raw materials.

Select wallpaper
The idea of ​​floral wallpaper on a single kitchen wall

Selection based on the dimensions of the wallpaper

The standard counting unit of wallpaper is considered by the manufacturers as a roll, and this unit has a specific length with different offerings. The length of a standard roll of wallpaper is set at 13.5 feet, or the equivalent of four meters and 12 centimeters. This is while in the European standard, the width of the wallpaper is 52 cm (20.5 inches) and in the American standard, this width is 68.5 cm (27 inches). These figures and standards are the most important information buyers need when ordering a type of wallpaper from the seller.

New wallpaper
Damask design wallpaper code 4059 from Uranium album

Selection with the help of simulation

Make a sample image of the wallpaper. Stick this sample on the room you want to install with tape and let it stay there for a few days. Having this wallpaper in your space allows you to harmonize it with other plans and designs in the room and see how it changes its appearance at different times during the day.

Find the best wallpaper design
Creeper floral design wallpaper code 4082 from Uranium album

Gather your expectations to find the best wallpaper design

What do you expect by installing wallpaper in your space? Would you like to add depth, texture, warmth or radiance to it, or soften the sharp edges of the architecture with wallpaper? And beyond that wallpaper that you want to choose how you want it to feel. Do you like the feeling of being glamorous, happy or optimistic when you walk in that space? Or do you just want to cover the whiteness of the wall?

Select wallpaper
The idea of ​​using different themes of one color to create an attractive decoration

Use gentle designs

Use gentle designs. If you are in the habit of constantly changing the decoration of the room you want. It is better to use wallpaper with intangible design or textured wallpaper to have more options to match it. Even if you are completely satisfied with the choice you have made and have looked at the sample many times. It’s not a bad idea to look at more before making a final decision.

Select wallpaper
Popular combination of yellow and gray colors

Use larger samples

Many wallpaper companies, such as Xtreme Walls, offer large samples, so ask for some large samples and you may have to pay for them but know they are worth it. Place these large patterns side by side on the wall for a clearer view of what this wallpaper will ultimately create, and if you do not like the pattern wallpaper, you can always use them to frame beautiful and unique art paintings. Use the person.

Find the best wallpaper design
Slate floral design wallpaper code 4106 from Uranium album

Wallpaper can be used in all spaces of the house. But for spaces that have index walls, such as the wall behind the bed, think of a unique wallpaper. In the kitchen and bathroom can also be used wallpaper, just keep in mind that the selected wallpaper is resistant to moisture.

Crowded wallpaper

Never equate multiple designs with better choices. Avoid applying wallpaper with a design for all walls. If you love patterned wallpaper, it is better to apply them only on some walls and cover the rest of the walls with plain wallpaper. You can also use paint and wallpaper together. By the way, do not forget the balance.

Select wallpaper
Floral wallpaper suitable for classic and modern space

Types of wallpaper based on the design

However, when installing geometric or curved designs to adjust the shapes together, the sides and length of the wallpaper must be adjusted. But in this section, there is a point that you should pay attention to when buying, because when installing geometric or curved designs, the installer should use some wallpaper to adjust the design of each row with another row so that all rows are exactly on the surface. Be repeated. So there is no doubt that the consumption of wallpaper of geometric or curved designs is more than simple or straight samples.

In this case, you should get help from the seller to calculate the extra amount in curved designs before buying. But keep in mind that working hard will not hurt. So do not buy one or two extra rolls for the day.

Floral Composite Wallpaper Wallpaper Code 4048 From Uranium Album

Poster wallpaper design

On the other hand, the same extensive possibilities in the production of all kinds of wallpapers have made the examples called poster wallpapers especially popular among buyers, especially in decorating a child’s room. But never rush to choose this type of wallpaper. As far as you can fit in your mood, home appliances and your lifestyle in general. Because in some cases, installing designs of this type of wallpaper not only does not create vitality and motivation or beauty in the interior decoration of your home or workplace, but also as a full-length mirror of inconsistency in your choice.

Select wallpaper
Use 3D posters for the back of the TV

If you are a sports fan and you will not get tired of your home wallpaper design soon, there is a completely economical solution to decorate your home in a modern and of course cheap style with the best quality; Just focus on your artistic taste and trust it.

Buy wallpaper at auctions

Many stores in various categories hold unimaginable auctions of goods when their inventory is depleted. Wallpaper is no exception to this rule. Therefore, be careful in this regard and look for the right design among the existing warehouses in the stores in accordance with the area you need. Keep in mind that sometimes these stores are willing to sell their inventory up to a third of the price due to incomplete designs. Just make sure the number of rolls available is complete when choosing patterned wallpaper or special samples. Not that in the middle of the road, the wallpaper flowers remain incomplete.

Select wallpaper
Combining two luxurious colors of crimson and gold in the decoration

Resistance of wallpaper according to its material in the executive points of wallpaper

When choosing a wallpaper, make sure the ones you are considering are durable and durable. Touch it, do not use it on the wall if it may tear, tear or get wet. German wallpapers, for example, have a softer texture and therefore less resistance. Italian wallpapers are more durable than German wallpapers. Keep in mind that at home, workplaces and busy spaces it is better to use high-strength wallpapers, among which PVC wallpapers covered with vinyl layer have a high resistance.

Select wallpaper
Use different designs to create different decorations

Color and design of wallpaper

By choosing wallpaper with large and wide designs, you can make the place bigger and more inviting than it is. Also, if the dimensions of your room are small, you can make the room bigger by choosing brightly colored wallpaper. For this reason, choosing the right wallpaper is very important in making the place smaller and bigger.

The color of your chosen wallpaper should match the color of the furniture and appliances you use in the space. In this regard, you should also pay attention to whether the colors are warm or cold.

After the color, the design you choose for the wallpaper is also very important. Some wallpapers have geometric patterns that are repeated and create a set. Some models also have freer patterns and their forms are natural.

The texture and physics of the wallpaper, including the amount of glitter and engraving styles and embossments, is also a consideration. The texture should be in harmony with the space. If a space is more distinctive to you, you can use a wallpaper with a special texture to distinguish it from other features.
Basically, using textured wallpapers in the whole house is not a good thing, because it makes the eyes tired. By the way, special textures are only interesting if they are used in a certain section.

Tips for buying wallpaper
Floral Composite Wallpaper Code 4050 from Uranium Album

Select wallpaper according to installation

Some wallpapers are very difficult to install, these wallpapers are usually made of fabric. If you plan to install wallpaper on the wall yourself, choose a paper that is easier to install.

If you are planning to install wallpaper for the first time, and if the wallpaper of your choice is patterned, make sure that the design is not difficult and complicated. Because matching the designs together can make things a little harder for you. It is best to do some research on how to install wallpaper before installing it.

Select wallpaper
A combination of 3D wallpaper and wooden shelves to make it look natural

If the surface of the walls is not uniform, more rolls of wallpaper will be needed to cover them.

Always make an extra roll of wallpaper to work tightly. Something may happen during the installation of the wallpaper that you will have to use a new roll. You may also need to replace a piece of wallpaper later with a new roll due to damage.

Select wallpaper
Country-style wallpaper makes the space happier at the same time

Coordinate the wallpaper with the existing decoration

Among the executive points of the wallpaper, you should pay attention to its coordination with other accessories in the desired location. In a place with classic decoration, the use of modern wallpaper will not create a beautiful and appropriate appearance, or in a hall with modern and minimal decoration, the use of classic style wallpaper will prevent the correct appearance of your desired style.

This is a vital and important point when choosing wallpaper and always remember it: wallpaper should be in harmony with other home appliances and elements in the interior decoration.

Select wallpaper
Golden striped wallpaper in a yellow theme decoration

Select wallpaper according to the desired space

  • If you are planning to make your living room wallpaper, it is recommended to use plant maps with small flowers. These maps create a warm and intimate atmosphere.
  • If your house has a low ceiling, it is better to use wallpapers with vertical designs to make it look taller.
  • For spaces with more traffic, it is preferable to use washable and high-strength wallpaper.
  • If you like large and prominent designs, it is better to use them in the reception area.
  • In the general category, wallpapers include both classic and modern models. Of course, there are other models that have a combined style. These wallpapers are suitable for both modern and classic decoration.
  • If you like to use two models of wallpaper in combination, be sure to put them together when choosing and make sure they are in harmony with each other. Also try to imagine their combination in interior decoration.
  • Some wallpaper models look different in response to different amounts of light. One of the practical points of wallpaper that you should pay attention to is that it is better to use these models in certain sections so that their attractiveness can be seen in the best way.
Select wallpaper
Use accessories and simpler items next to crowded wallpaper

Wallpaper on the column

Columns in the living room and living room make it harder to choose wallpaper. Sometimes a column creates harmony between the walls in terms of design and color. Sometimes we have trouble choosing the design and installation of column wallpaper. If your living space is small, it is better that the wallpaper of the column is the same color as the other walls. Because if you want to use wallpaper with a different design or color, the small space of the column is more visible and also defines the boundaries of the room. As a result, the space looks smaller. But in larger spaces, we suggest using flower and plant wallpaper to make the columns appear.

How to choose wallpaper, apart from the general principles that it includes, includes other points that can be very effective in designing an ideal and appropriate space. It is very important to know that the design of different spaces of the house also depends on different criteria. For example, you can not apply the same principles that you apply to your living room wallpaper when choosing your living room wallpaper. Each space, according to its characteristics, needs a special and unique design, which includes choosing the right wallpaper. This will give you an idea of ​​the basics of choosing a wallpaper based on your space.

Select wallpaper
Using two complementary designs doubles the beauty

Different spaces

Before examining the various models available in the market, it is better to first clearly define your task with the parts in which you intend to install the wallpaper. This way, you will be smarter when choosing from the many options available and you will not be confused. Here’s a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used.

Select wallpaper
Tropical wallpaper in harmony with solitude layout

Choose wallpaper based on the living space

One of the spaces where you spend most of your time is the living room. This space, because it is used by all members of the family, should be designed in a way that everyone likes. Therefore, it is not possible to choose the wallpaper according to the personal taste of a particular person, and it is good that everyone’s opinion is taken into account when buying.

Living room wallpaper can have a wide range of designs available, but since this space needs to create comfort and stability, you should follow the tips in choosing the type of wallpaper. For example, living room wallpaper should be chosen from relatively simpler and more secluded designs. This means that if your wallpaper has a certain pattern, it is better not to have a messy pattern so as not to involve the mind.

Selection of wallpaper based on the reception space

The reception hall is much less used than the living room, so you can choose the type of wallpaper more freely. This hall is generally a place to receive your guests, so if you want to make it look beautiful and luxurious enough, it is completely natural. If you are interested in luxury designs and you want your home space to look dazzling and luxurious during the reception, you can use a collection of luxury wallpapers that generally have more crowded and aristocratic designs than the suitable types of living room. These wallpapers can be selected from darker types if your living space is large enough.

Select wallpaper
Design of kitchen walls with the help of wall coverings

Choose wallpaper based on kitchen space

It may not be uncommon for you to think about making wallpaper for your kitchen. But it is interesting to know that using the right wallpaper in the kitchen space can be very beautiful and attractive. Kitchen wallpaper should preferably be selected from a set of dark colors. Or in any case have a color that does not easily absorb dirt and does not show it. In general, if the design and color of the cabinets are simple and uniform, you can also use wallpaper with crowded patterns to make the kitchen space attractive. Kitchen wallpaper usually fits in the space between the bottom and top cabinets, but if you also have a small dining area available, you can decorate the background with wallpaper.

Select wallpaper
Decorate the dining area with cheerful colors

Choose wallpaper based on bedroom space

The bedroom is the space that should give you the most comfort. Bedroom design can shape the quality of your relaxation and is therefore very important. Bedroom wallpaper is better to choose from light and soft colors to create the necessary calm in the space.

The use of bright colors is not very suitable because they disturb sleep. Also, using designs with small and crowded patterns suffocates the space. If you want to use different types of wallpaper in the design of the bedroom, it is better to allocate only one front of the space to it. This front should also be the same surface of the wall behind your bed so that it does not interfere with your thoughts and mind while resting.

Select wallpaper
Combine crowded wallpaper with simple table and chairs

Select wallpaper based on work space

In homes where the study room is considered separately from other spaces. It is necessary to choose the wallpaper for this space according to its own criteria. The workroom is a space where you need to focus. This makes many wallpaper patterns out of the range of options.

A wallpaper suitable for work and study space should not cause distraction and confusion. Types with crowded designs or bright colors are not good choices. You need to go for the ones that are simpler and clearer. If you tend to choose a pattern, it is best to use regular geometric patterns so that the pattern does not distract you. Finally, it is better to assign a surface to the wallpaper, in a part other than the surface in front of your eyes.

implementing large designs
The idea of ​​implementing large designs in large spaces

Choose wallpaper based on the space of the child’s room

People who want to design their child’s room individually will be faced with a huge flood of interesting options. In this regard, the first thing to consider is the age of the child to whom you want to choose the right wallpaper for his room. Wallpapers come in a variety of designs depending on the age group of the children, so many options will not pass your fitness filter if you consider your child’s age.

Then you need to pay attention to what your baby’s gender is. If you are going to allocate a room for your two children of the opposite sex. You can use designs and colors that are not just for girls or boys. In your choice, try to use options that provide comfort to your child’s room. Because the design of children’s room space affects their moods and behavior.

Baby room wallpaper
Watercolor patina wallpaper wallpaper code 245 from General Album

Select wallpaper based on bathroom space

The bathroom is another space that can be beautified with the help of wallpaper. You should note that bathroom wallpaper must be resistant to moisture. The bathroom space, as it is usually smaller than other spaces in the house, requires a design method that does not show less space.

Select wallpaper
The idea of ​​implementing a crowded design and texture design in one frame

This removes options such as patterned or dark patterns from the proportion of items. The design and color you choose for your bathroom wallpaper should be as simple as possible. It is also better to use only one design and color in the design of the space. The more uniform and bright the space is designed, the more generous and large it will certainly look. If you wish, you can cover all the surfaces of the bathroom with the help of tiles and use the desired wallpaper only in a certain part. This level can be the surface behind the mirror or your vase and shelf.

The last point in choosing a wallpaper design

The best way to choose a wallpaper design is to use the virtual world. Because now all kinds of stores and companies are trying to attract the attention of their customers by using the facilities of the virtual world. We have shown you many examples of interior or exterior wallpaper products. Extreme Walls has also made this possible for you in its products section.

Select wallpaper
Various wall poster designs

The best way to choose a wallpaper design is to use the virtual world. Because now all kinds of stores and companies are trying to attract the attention of their customers by using the facilities of the virtual world. We have shown you several examples of interior or exterior wallpaper products. Extreme Walls has also made this possible for you in its products section.


  • Im looking for vinyl wallpaper with a texture that mimics grasscloth for my master bathroom whicis 6’ wide 8’ high and 9’ deep with a 3’x56” and a two foot wide window and a two ft door. The floor is taupe beige and faded aqua stones. Im using vinyl because its a bathroom but i want something with a texture of grasscloth. It is a small room with a great view and i want a paper that looks and feels like the real thing. Color choice would be whitish and /or creamy beiges. Do you have it. Can you send me a few small cuttings to help me decide price isn’t a problem. Help! Diane carlson. 561-586-0001. Many thanks

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