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Contrary to popular belief, choosing wallpaper does not end with just considering the right design and color. Certainly the principles of aesthetics are very important in such a choice. But this is not a reason to ignore other points. Many misconceptions are made because people are only looking for the best designs and do not consider other wallpaper standards that are necessary for a good wallpaper. These standards and wallpapers include a variety of items, each of which has its own significance.

Wallpaper standards

When it comes to wallpaper, you have to think about everything. Your choice should not be made simply by flipping through magazines and matching colors and designs. The features and symptoms of wallpaper are also important. For example, we can mention the type of wallpaper and, consequently, its resistance to various factors. There are other points that are just as important. If you want to be satisfied with your purchase and not have to change the installed wallpaper soon, it is good to know these points and pay attention to them when choosing.

Applied signs in the standard wallpaper

Concept of the Symbol Symbol
Water resistant مقاوم در آب
Washable قابل شست و شو
High washability قابلیت شست و شوی بالا
Abrasion resistance مقاومت در برابر ساییدگی
Resistant to sunlight مقاومت خوب در برابر نور خورشید
Excellent resistance to sunlight مقاومت عالی در برابر نور خورشید
Matching two papers together – free انطباق دو کاغذ در کنار هم
Matching two papers side by side in centimeters انطباق دو کاغذ در کنار هم
Mismatch of two papers side by side in centimeters عدم انطباق دو کاغذ در کنار هم در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری
Ability to install from both directions قابل نصب از هر دو جهت در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری
Glue the back of the paper چسب کاری پشت کاغذ در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری
Glue to be done on the wall چسب کاری روی دیوار در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری
Detachable from the wall using moisture قابل جدا شدن از دیوار در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری
Ability to detach from the wall قابل کندن از روی دیوار در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری
Removable from dry wall قابل جدا شدن از روی دیوار خشک در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری
Embossing on wallpaper نقش برجسته در استاندارد کاغذ دیواری


You may not believe it, but wallpapers should be hygienic too. Apart from tarnishing the appearance of wallpaper, pollutants also have a negative impact on the health of the environment. Older wallpapers did not include these hygienic properties, but most standard wallpapers produced and marketed today are antibacterial, do not have this problem and make you feel comfortable about the basics of hygiene, so look for standard wallpaper when you buy. Be.

Wallpaper Standard
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 5102 Foliage design suitable for living space

The effect of the dimensions of the wallpaper

The size of the space in which the wallpaper is to be installed is very important. Depending on how much surface is to be covered by the wallpaper, the appropriate number of rolls is selected. Before buying, you should consider whether it will be cost-effective to choose wallpaper from the brand you want, taking into account the required number of rolls. You should also consider the standard for each roll size. Some rolls can cover up to ten square meters, or are transversely different. Try to calculate the size of the area in advance and know approximately how many meters of wallpaper you need to cover the space. This will make you aware of the costs involved.

Standard dimensions of wallpaper
Standard dimensions of wallpaper ‌

How to install wallpaper

How wallpaper is mounted on the wall will probably be hidden from many of you. This is a standard wallpaper. Of course, in most cases, the task of installing wallpaper is left to the installers, and therefore, you do not need to get involved in this issue. However, it is better to know that some wallpapers are installed by adding glue on their backs and others by adding glue to the wall surface. In addition, you should keep in mind that some wallpapers need to be installed for installation. Patterned wallpapers should be installed in such a way that compliance with the side strips is well observed. This should be considered in light of the symptoms associated with wallpaper.

Wallpaper standard
Matching wallpaper by expert force

Ability to wash wallpaper

No matter how resistant the wallpaper of your choice is to the penetration of dust, smoke and dirt will still work after a while and that is where you will see that your wallpaper is not like the first day. Of course, constantly changing wallpaper will not be cost effective, and no matter how simple it may be, it is still a hassle. Darker colored wallpapers may seem appropriate in this regard, but dark colors are not to everyone’s liking. That’s why you should pay attention to its washability when buying wallpaper. Washable wallpaper is easy to clean and looks almost the same as it did the first day.

Wallpaper standard
Easy to clean washable wallpaper

Where to install wallpaper

Another wallpaper standard that you should consider when choosing and buying wallpaper is the installation location. Where you are going to install the wallpaper will greatly affect your decision. The first thing to consider is what the function of the space is and how you want it to feel. Apart from choosing the design and color, you must find the type of wallpaper you need and it must be washable.

Wallpaper standard
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 3088 floral combination design suitable for hall space

Material strength as a wallpaper standards

The type of wallpaper you choose is one of the most important standard factors of wallpaper that you should consider. Many people focus solely on choosing the design and color and do not care about the material and strength of the wallpaper as they should. When choosing wallpaper, it is not enough to just flip through the magazines and see the designs from the sample photo album that is provided to you. You should see small samples of wallpaper up close. Wallpaper should be resistant to sunlight, moisture and heat. High quality tested materials are safer in this regard.

Standard Wallpaper
Creeper floral design wallpaper code 4072 Uranium album

Decorative patterns as a wallpaper standards

When buying wallpaper, you should pay attention to this standard of wallpaper, what exactly are the decorative patterns. A small-scale project may seem ideal, but after a large-scale implementation it will be different from what you expected. Therefore, you should see the executed samples and, if possible, the design executed on the boards in the store and imagine the pattern on the desired scale.

wallpaper standard
Extreme Walls wallpaper code 5118 pattern design

On the other hand, you should note that some designs are only visible in certain directions. Some other designs are embossed and some are special materials that increase the price of wallpaper.

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