Advantages of wallpaper over paint

Advantages of wallpaper over color; One of the constant challenges in designing a home décor is choosing the best option between wallpaper or paint. Certainly paint has a unique properties as a very old coating that has been used and taken for a long time, but these days, few people bother to suffer for a few days due to painting the interior surfaces of the house and then tolerating the smell. Gives the result for a long time.

The beautiful texture of the fabric wallpaper and the amazing view of the wall

Applying wallpaper is a good option to replace the paint because it has a better price and does not have the difficulties of painting, such as tolerating the smell and time consuming process of painting. The benefits of using wallpaper as a proof of its suitability are well known.

Advantages of wallpaper over color
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 4050 floral combination design suitable for living

Made or colored wallpaper

Deciding how to set up walls with furniture is not an easy task. Whether you choose the color or the wallpaper depends on several factors. Today, what is known as fashion has a different meaning for everyone.

Monochrome textured wallpaper suitable for sunny spaces

Some people choose wallpaper according to the color of the year and according to their favorite designs, and some people use what is more popular among the people.

Wallpaper in the hotel space
Many luxury hotels choose a combination of paint and wallpaper for their room wall coverings.

In the definition of beauty, it can be said that fashion and trend is actually what captures your heart and attracts your gaze in an instant. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

Balance the decoration with wallpaper

Therefore, to be up to date, find what lies within you and your emotions, then you will definitely reach your goal.

The idea of ​​using wallpaper for hotel lobbies


The concern of all those who want to change the décor of their walls is the ability to wash the option they want to choose. Fortunately, both paints and wallpapers have washable models. Therefore, both options are equal in this respect, and you can find the washable type from whichever you choose so that you do not run into any problems.

The idea of ​​setting wallpaper with accessories

Ease of washing is one of the things that can be considered as a special advantage in choosing wallpaper. In addition to being washable, wallpaper allows you to clean stains in the simplest possible way.

Applying a wall poster for a wall

Wallpaper washable feature helps you get the wallpaper back to its original shape when the wallpaper gets dirty or dust settles on it. This option is very suitable for paint in which the washing process can not be done.

Allows you to easily and quickly clean stains.

Variety of designs

Arguably one of the most important advantages of wallpaper over color is its unparalleled variety of designs. The world of wallpaper design and color is so vast and attractive that you can choose a suitable option from the available types for any space and with any taste.

Classic style layout inspired by blue

When you choose the color as the final covering of your walls, you will never be able to use your different designs in the space, while wallpaper with a variety of different patterns can easily be used to create such a purpose. To be placed. Wallpapers have unique and various designs. These designs are so diverse that you can choose the option that suits any style of decoration. Everyone can choose their favorite wallpaper for their room.

Advantages of wallpaper over color
A variety of wallpaper designs can help you fit into any decoration.

long life

Another feature of wallpaper that makes it a great choice is its long life and great durability. As you probably know, the color loses its appearance after a while. This deformation occurs over time due to discoloration, dusting, and flaking.

Warm the room with copper wallpaper

It can even be seen in cases where surface cracks as well as deep cracks appear on the surface of the wall as a result of earthquakes or adjacent constructions, which gives it an unpleasant appearance. Wallpaper has a longer lifespan due to the aforementioned capabilities and can be used for a long time and is very cost effective in this regard.

Lifespan of wallpaper
One of the advantages of wallpaper is its longevity.

Easy installation

Another point that can be mentioned as one of the most important advantages of using wallpaper is its quick, easy and painless installation. Wallpaper is installed in the space of a house for a day, while painting the walls of the same house may take one to several weeks.

Miracle of a simple white design for the wall behind the bed

Also, the installation of wallpaper completely eliminates the hassle of covering furniture with nylon and does not cause much clutter. There are many people who specialize in installing wallpaper and are able to make your home space in the shortest possible time. Cover the face completely.

نصب راحت کاغذدیواری
Wallpaper installation is best done by a specialist

Execution speed

Execution speed is an important factor among the characteristics desired by employers. Building paints require a lot of equipment to apply and take time to dry. Also, when you want to paint the walls of a space, you have to take out the furniture of that space, because the paint may be sprayed on them.

Enliven the empty space with the help of wallpaper

Wallpapers do not have such problems. They are installed sooner and do not require a lot of equipment. You do not need to empty the equipment to install the wallpaper. If you like to change the look of the walls in a short time, wallpapers are better. Execution of wallpaper does not have the problem of creating an odor, and the space can be used immediately after installing it.

Advantages of wallpaper over color
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 3077 suitable texture design for the bedroom

No color change

Another advantage of wallpaper over color is that it does not change color over time. Even the best and most desirable types of colors become dull and yellow after a while and lose their original beauty. There is no problem with using wallpaper at all, because they have color stability.

The idea of ​​creating similarities between wall coverings and furniture materials

If the selected wallpaper is of good quality, it can retain its color for many years and remain as beautiful as the first days. One of the advantages of wallpaper over color is color fastness.

عدم تغییر رنگ
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 3076 corrugated design suitable for living space

Reasonable price of the advantages of wallpaper over paint

If we want to discuss the price, we can still say that both wallpaper and building paint have different types, among which one can find options with more or less expensive prices. Therefore, you can make the right wallpaper or color with any budget you have in mind. In fact, price should not be an obstacle for you.

Creating an illusory atmosphere in the bathroom due to the reflection of the space in the mirror

Zoom in

You may ask, what does magnification have to do with color and wallpaper? The answer is that glossy colors and wallpaper are able to make the space brighter and more inviting by reflecting light. This is how the issue of magnification arises among their features. It should be noted that wallpapers with a relatively glossy surface and light colors can help to enlarge the space.

Advantages of wallpaper over color
An example of wallpaper that helps to make the living space look more inviting and bright.

Insulation is one of the advantages of wallpaper over paint

There are many wallpapers that, due to their thickness, act as an acoustic coating and thermal and refrigeration insulation. Therefore, wallpapers are more suitable for crowded and noisy places. Paints can not be good insulators and do not score well in this regard.

Extreme Walls Wallpaper Code 3070 Hall Corrugated Design

Cover up the flaws of the advantages of wallpaper over color

Wallpaper can well cover and hide from the wall imperfections such as cracks, spots, dents, bumps and waves. Paints are not like this and can not cover the defects of the wall. In addition, if one of the sides of the space is damaged, instead of painting and its problems, the problem can be solved quickly by applying wallpaper.

Wall repair
An example of a well-covered wall restoration with wallpaper.

Wallpapers, because of their special designs, can play the role of a focal point in your desired space. A focal point is a point or part of a space around which other elements of decoration are arranged.

The idea of ​​using wallpaper for the bathroom in a place where there is less moisture

This point usually attracts attention. You can put wallpaper on one of the walls, turn it into a focal point and give your desired space character and charm. This is something that color can not do.

Cover the wall behind the bed with a relaxing and neutral design

Wallpaper or paint?

By examining the advantages of wallpaper over color, we can finally decide which one is suitable for our environment and space. However, a combination of both can be used for use in a space, and this combination can give a special effect to the space.

Special idea of ​​using a crowded design with crowded decoration

Color benefits

  • Everyone likes it.
  • Deciding on its color is much easier.
Color benefits
An example of the steps of preparing paint for home space

Disadvantages of color

  • The process is time consuming.
  • The smell of paint stays in the house for a long time.
  • There is not much variety and the possibility of creating a design in it is very low.
  • It does not give depth to the space.
  • Paint costs more than wallpaper.
The idea is to use plain, plain wallpaper instead of wall paint

Advantages of wallpaper over color

  • Installing and executing wallpaper is easy and fast.
  • You do not need to collect all the furniture to run it.
  • After installing your house, there is no need for tedious cleaning.
  • They have a great variety of designs and colors, and in this regard, you can have your own decoration.
  • Acts as an insulator.
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 4076 Damask composite design suitable for hall space

The only downside to wallpapers is the color, which can be easily replaced with another design as soon as you feel like it.

The idea of ​​using light-colored wallpaper for hallway walls and narrow staircases

Important points The advantages of wallpaper over color

Today, wallpapers with unique capabilities are being produced, so that as the first decision in home remodeling, we think about installing or replacing them. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive capabilities in producing contemporary wallpapers that are environmentally friendly, reduce flammability, prevent dust and are free of harmful chemicals.

Wallpaper behind the TV
Wallpaper can be considered for the walls behind the TV

Environmentally friendly

The characteristics of wallpaper are not limited to its material, color and design, but many people attach great importance to environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly wallpaper. There are forests that have a special protection value, such as tropical pristine forests, so their wood is not used for the production of wallpaper.

Using warm colors and completing it with the help of a wall poster, for a very pleasant decoration

Eco-friendly wallpapers are based on wood extracted from sustainable management forests that operate in accordance with environmental standards.

Damask wallpaper suitable for office
Damask wallpaper suitable for use in luxury work spaces

Fireproof wallpaper

Among wall coverings, most fabric wall coverings are offered with fire protection capability. This feature prevents the volume of fire from increasing during a fire.

The idea of ​​combining wallpaper and wooden baseboards and using border strips for wallpaper

The latest technology in the production of fireproof wallpaper uses a heat-sensitive sensor that becomes conductive in the event of a fire and displays sound warning signs and warning lights.

Wallpaper suitable for living space
Wallpapers are dustproof, so choose light colors with ease.

Do not let the dust settle on the wallpaper

New generation wallpapers use a layer on the surface that eliminates static electrical capability and prevents the absorption of dust and airborne contaminants on the surface of the wallpaper.

کاغذ دیواری
Designers today consider the best choice to be a combination of color and wallpaper

Chemical-free wallpaper

Instead of using petroleum products such as carbon, which are harmful to the environment and humans, renewable raw materials such as PVC (in vinyl wallpaper) are used in the production of these wallpapers.

bedroom wallpaper
The use of blue color in the design of this bedroom has been able to bring comfort and beauty.

The best combination of wallpaper and paint

With all the definitions of wallpaper and paint, the best decoration is a combination of paint and wallpaper. When you cover your index wall with the help of various designs that have wallpaper, you can easily beautify the indistinct or secondary walls with the help of paint. A combination of these two wall coverings can have the best and most beautiful result for you.

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