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Carbon super album
Extreme Walls Company, following the release of their ninth album titled “H2O,” continues their tradition of simple designs, soft textures, and sleek lines. This time, with their latest album “Carbon,” they have crafted a new and unimaginable epic in a simple and minimalist style. The Carbon wallpaper album, the tenth product from Extreme Walls Company, stands out as a unique and distinctive collection in its simplicity, comprising 120 designs and 10 categories.
This three-volume album offers a diverse range of colors and patterns, providing enthusiasts and interior decoration designers with a wide selection of wallpapers tailored to various styles. Everyone can easily choose their favorite wallpaper according to their personal taste for all interior spaces.
H2o wallpaper album- Extreme walls
Extreme Walls Company is doing all its efforts in the ninth product to make everything expected from the minimal style in interior decoration! Many people are looking for new ways to replace the color to cover the walls, the upcoming product, the “H2O” wallpaper album, is the answer to this need.
This album has been designed and produced in 120 codes and categories to answer the simple texture for simple designs that are supposed to sit on the walls instead of paint. All the designs of this album are made in three widely used colors, white, cream and gray, and to make its selection according to the color scheme of 99% of interior spaces.
As we know, there are three colors, white, cream and gray, which are made in “H2O”, along with professional coloring and advanced generation of engravings. Highlighting has been done on all the codes of this album and the result is a practical and up-to-date product that is now in front of your eyes.
The Reactor album is the eighth product and the second modern album of the Extreme Walls company, which entered the market in the winter of 2023.
The definition of diversity in design and role has gained meaning again with this super album. 155 codes, each one of which can transform the interior decoration of any space, is a topic that doubles the value of the Reactor album and challenges your taste in choosing the covering of your walls.
Before turning the pages of the Reactor Album, put aside your mental assumptions about interior decoration and wall paper and start seeing the designs with an open mind and enjoy them as works of art; You are in an artistic feast with 155 works designed and presented by world-renowned designers, take advantage of this party and present the most visual grace to your audience!
This time, the Extreme Walls company has collected an extract from all the classic eras in one product, “Plutonium Album”, the seventh product of this well-known company, is a full-fledged classic album that includes all the subcategories of the classic style.
Do you love classic style in home decoration? Flip through this album to see how walls can help you in interior design.
150 codes in 25 design groups in one album is a work that will only come from Extreme Walls in the wallpaper industry. “Plutonium” will be a landmark in the classic wallpaper industry and will be remembered as an all-around classic super album for years to come.
Plutonium album designs and color palettes are designed and produced in classic, neoclassic, super classic and luxury styles. “Plutonium”, like other albums of the Extreme Walls company, is hand-rolled and produced so that you can face a full-fledged work of art.
Atom Album Spring at the Wallpaper Industry Atom’s modern album, a development that will be remembered in the heart of history. A new and different product from the Extreme Walls brand that has been able to transform the world of modern wallpaper. After shining brilliantly in the classic Hydrogen album, this time the Extreme Walls collection will be the beginning of a great revolution in the modern wallpaper industry with the creation of the Atom album. The dramatic development of modern style in the world of interior design has led the team of Extreme Walls to observe all the principles in modern design, to prepare an album that will surprise all those who are interested in this style. Relying on the three principles of honesty, customer orientation and creativity in producing their new product, the Extreme Walls team has also given great importance to quality, variety in design and colour. You can experience different styles in all residential, commercial and office environments according to the principles of modern design, and choosing modern wallpaper can equalize the visual effect of your style.
Hydrogen Album A beginning to recreate values… The “Hydrogen” wallpaper album is a new product from Extreme Walls that has recently entered the market. Extreme Walls brand (extreme walls) after the successful release of three albums “General”, “Power” and “Uranium” this time with “Hydrogen” will seek to promote the wallpaper industry in Iran. Relying on the three principles of honesty, customer orientation and creativity, Extreme Walls always seeks to provide exclusive, innovative and quality products. Hydrogen, with the chemical symbol H, is the name of a chemical element in the periodic table with atomic number 1. Hydrogen is the lightest element in the world and more than any other element it can be found freely in nature. It can be said that about 75% of the mass of the world is made of hydrogen. Some celestial bodies, such as white dwarfs or neutron stars, are made of hydrogen plasma; But in nature on Earth it is difficult to find a single hydrogen atom.
Uranium album with 20 designs and 108 codes is another exclusive product of the Extreme Wells collection. This album is completely designed according to the tastes of Iranian families and is specially cylindered.
Most of the code in this album is in the classic category, but this does not mean that we put this album in the category of classic albums. This album has more than 20 combinations of designs in modern and postmodern styles that are worth watching.
There are more than 52 classic codes in this album, which leaves the choice open to people who have arranged their homes based on the classic style.
The textured codes of this album are not few either. There are 12 codes in artistic textures and mainly in the range of white and cream colors, which makes the lovers of minimal style not miss this album.
Power Album with 108 codes is another exclusive wallpaper album of the Extreme Walls collection. Exclusive paint and cylinder making along with the unique variety of design has made this album one of the most enduring and influential collections of wallpaper in the Iranian market. The colours and combinations of designs that were first introduced to the Iranian wallpaper market by this album, caused many copies of this album in the market. On this album, to respond to most tastes, there are more than 20 designs in four different colour ranges so that most people can choose the design they want from this album. Shines and Engraving Methods All the code on this album has been obsessively designed and produced, and this has made the output of the finished wallpaper in the environment a detailed work of art. Most of the designs on this album fall into the classic category in terms of style, but the modern and postmodern designs of this album should not be overlooked either.
General Album is another bestseller of the Extreme Walls series. This album, with its unique variety in design and economical price, has become one of the best-selling wallpaper albums in the Iranian market. From simple designs, patina and texture to classic and modern designs and even three-dimensional on this album. On this album, there are designs and roles for almost all spaces and environments, from residential and commercial to living rooms and bedrooms. It is safe to say that there is no such thing as a powerful album in any reputable interior decoration store in Iran. In addition, all the codes of this album are available in full charge. This popular album has 86 codes in different designs and colours. Even the toughest people can find their fashion design from this album. The technology used in the design and production of this album has been done by the most modern devices in China and under the full supervision of Extreme Walls. Washability, static electricity, no absorption of soot and dust, anti-allergy are other features of all Extreme Wells products. Has been. Finally, you can download the digital catalogue of General Album in PDF format to watch this lovely and popular album together.