Wallpapers come in a variety of models, each of which works for a specific situation and space. Over the years, interior designers have come up with attractive and new methods of using wallpaper, which has made their use more attractive than before. The ease of use of various designs and models along with its easy installation and high speed of implementation, has made a variety of wallpaper samples, especially 3D models, one of the first choices when changing the decoration of any home. In this article, we will tell you what 3D wallpaper is and in what spaces it is used?

3D living room wallpaper
3D wallpaper equals the glow of your space.

3D wallpaper is the newest and perhaps most attractive example of a variety of wallpaper models. Recent advances in design and printing technologies in all areas, including interior design, have led to dramatic changes. New decorative products and elements have properties that most of them were not possible until several years ago. Today, using new technologies and improving the quality level in design and printing, wallpapers are great for space. 3D wallpaper, while giving a special charm to the space, can give depth and feeling to the space.

Recent advances in design and printing technologies in the three-dimensional wallpaper industry have undergone significant changes.

What is 3D wallpaper and in what spaces is it used?

It may have happened to you that friends and acquaintances have suggested that you choose 3D wallpaper if you are going to buy wallpaper. Because it is both new and makes the room and home space wonderful. Follow us to the end of this article for a better and more accurate knowledge of 3D wallpapers.

3d wallpaper
An example of a three-dimensional wallpaper with a combined design of geometric shapes suitable for a reception space

Types of three-dimensional wallpaper

These types of wallpaper with easy installation method and beautiful visual effect can be used in the shortest possible time in any environment and with their help, a significant change can be created. This feature makes it possible to use this wallpaper in all parts of the house. Whether you are a naturalist or you prefer geometric and modern designs. You can find the design and color you like due to the unique variety of 3D wallpapers.

3d wallpaper
An example of a simple 3D design wallpaper suitable for commercial office environments

Wallpaper has a lower final cost compared to many wallpapers. Wallpaper can be easily installed on any surface and usually does not require any special substructure to install it, unless the wall surface is very uneven. Due to the fact that in many types of interior design, only one or two walls are decorated with wallpaper, the final cost of execution is reduced. At the same time, the same wall that you cover with wallpaper, the decorative burden of the whole space you want to carry and work successfully.


What is the right place to install 3D wallpaper and where is it?

3D wallpapers can be used in the interior design of your home or office, depending on the designs they contain. These wallpapers have various and desired dimensions that can be determined according to your request. You need to be very careful when installing 3D wallpaper because it is not easy to install wallpaper. The price of wallpapers that are offered as posters is calculated in meters.

3d wallpaper
Three-dimensional wallpaper design geometric shapes suitable for catering space

3D wallpapers can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, kitchens, lobby areas of apartments and commercial spaces to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere. If you wish, you can choose waterproof, high-resistance or dustproof (antibacterial) wallpaper based on your preference and the type of space.

3D bedroom wallpaper
Using 3D wallpaper with a nature-inspired design is very attractive for the wall behind your bed.

3D wallpapers have different and special types and designs that you can get from an ordinary wall to a modern and impressive wall by purchasing them from interior decoration and interior decoration stores. Hotels, arcades, small shops, residential apartments, homes, offices are some of the places where 3D wallpaper plays a significant role in beautifying their interiors.

کاغذ دیواری سه بعدی
Three-dimensional wallpaper with a corrugated design suitable for the reception Accent wall

Use in the workplace

If you consider yourself a creative person and you want to decorate your personal office or home yourself, then the features of the wallpaper simply allow you to do so.

3D workplace wallpaper
The 3D geometric and graphic designs for the index wall are amazing

Wallpaper designers in the age of advanced technologies, using the latest products and graphic designs, display a creative work of art. If the building of your home and office is old, you can impress everyone with the help of 3D wallpaper with the beauty of your interior space.

3d wallpaper
Make your living room more dazzling by choosing 3D wallpaper in a special color like gold.

Some of the features of 3D wallpaper are as follows: Waterproof, fine texture, fireproof, dustproof, made of foam It is interesting to know that some designs of this type of wallpaper are able to make the space. Make the planet look bigger than it really is. Using 3D wallpaper, texture and depth can be added to the wall surface.

Office decoration
Three-dimensional wallpaper, simple and stylish design, suitable for office and commercial Accent walls

Production of three-dimensional wallpaper

The production of this wallpaper model can be considered a major development in the field of offering a variety of wallpaper models. If you take a look at the photos of this article, you can better understand what we mean. In fact, most 3D wallpaper designs have a special charm and beauty and can amaze you and your guests. This model of wallpaper is the most up-to-date and newest example among the types of wallpaper samples and is a modern method for decorating walls. The unparalleled variety of designs and colors of these wallpapers makes you have countless options to choose from.

کاغذ دیواری سه بعدی
Three-dimensional wallpaper design geometric shapes suitable for the reception Accent wall

Run and install

Execution and installation of all wall coverings requires substructure and substructure requires a lot of precision and time. Of course, the substructure of the walls to implement the wall covering, will also cause damage to them. Wallpaper has long been popular for its hassle-free and quick installation. By choosing wallpaper, you can cover a wall of several tens of meters in less than an hour.

3D home wallpaper
3D bird designs with a combination of soothing colors will transform your space

Almost all wallpaper models are washable these days. This is also true for all types of 3D wallpaper. Therefore, you can buy these wallpapers to ease your mind about keeping them clean, because you will always be able to restore the appearance and beauty of the first day with the help of a simple dusting.

Floral design
An example of a 3D floral wallpaper suitable for a reception space

In general, it is better to apply 3D wallpaper on only one of the walls of the desired space due to the special images and patterns used in their design, leaving the other surfaces of the walls simple. In this way, a stronger visual effect can be obtained from the side dedicated to the three-dimensional type. At the same time, the interior is not crowded.

3D living room wallpaper
3D wallpapers alone can make your space look bigger.

One of the newest wallpaper designs that has never been seen before and is considered only by certain tastes today is the crystal design. Crystal design that can be seen in various dimensions, colors and shapes. It is an ideal option for people who want to use the properties of crystals by using their role in home decoration. Crystals can be soothing and at the same time, stylish, elegant and modern.

3D crystal wallpaper
3D crystal wallpaper suitable for bedroom space

Wallpaper rolls

Ordinary three-dimensional wallpaper, like plain wallpaper, comes in rolls. These wallpapers are usually printed with geometric patterns that preserve the light shade of the 3D design. Basically, these wallpapers have a fixed design with a roll width that is repeated on a surface of the wall. The designs of this wallpaper can include three-dimensional wood and stone wallpaper.


Hall 3D wallpaper
Coordinating three-dimensional wallpaper with your furniture is a very professional and inspiring technique in the decoration and arrangement industry.

If you are interested in 3D wall panels, you can use them to design your space at a lower cost than 3D wallpapers that have a similar design. This type of wallpaper may have a prominent design.

The patterns used in these wallpapers can influence your choice. For example, some patterns are not suitable for all types of space due to their complexity, as they engage the mind and distract. In general, most of the proposed models can be implemented in all spaces.

رول کاغذ دیواری
3D wallpapers are usually supplied in rolls.

What is 3D wallpaper and in what spaces is it used?

3D wallpaper can be used in the interior decoration of all public and private spaces. In addition to apartment spaces, reception halls and lobbies of public and private buildings can also be beautified with the help of an attractive example of three-dimensional wallpaper.

3D reception wallpaper
If you are going to use crowded designs, go for a wall as a landmark wall

With this wallpaper model, you can create a feeling in the space that is really admirable. 3D wallpaper can also be used to beautify the interior decoration of reception halls and coffee shops. You can impress the whole space by assigning one of the walls of the desired space to this type of wallpaper.

دکوراسیون اداری
An example of a simple 3D wallpaper suitable for office and commercial index wall

Important points in recognizing three-dimensional wallpaper.

3D wallpaper can be used to decorate the living room of the house. Also, by using three-dimensional wallpaper in the reception hall, a special and different space can be created. By allocating the index wall for this design, the uniformity of the space can be broken. This will help to make a difference in the interior design of your home. will do.

Living room decoration
3D wallpaper attractive design combination of geometric shapes suitable for catering space

You can also decorate one or two walls in your home dining room with the help of three-dimensional wallpaper and add depth to the space. Models a

These wallpapers are available that can be suitable for interior decoration of the bedroom. It is better to choose relaxing designs for the bedroom, because the sleeping space should make you feel relaxed and suitable for relaxing. With regard to the children’s bedroom, there are a variety of options among the 3D wallpaper that you can take advantage of.

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