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What is a fabric wallcovering? Fabric wall covering is a type of wall covering that is made of fibers. Of course, for those who want to give their home decoration a special touch and beauty, trying new and different options can be very interesting. These wall coverings are also options that can help you make your home decoration look more distinctive and beautiful. Apart from the special beauty of fabric wall coverings, their unique properties can also be another reason for their choice.

What is a fabric wallcovering?

Fabric wall covering is a type of final coating for the surface of interior walls, which is made of natural materials used in fabrics and viscose fibers. Examples of this cover can be seen in various home appliances such as furniture and curtains. It can be said that this is why these wall coverings fit very well with other parts of decoration and accessories and furniture. In addition, fabric wall coverings can give a more pleasant feeling to the home space and make the environment warmer than other types of paper.

Fabric Wall coverings
Fabric Wall coverings are a creative and special idea for wall coverings.

Types of fabric wall coverings

Fabric wallcoverings come in a variety of shapes, designs and colors and are available in a variety of materials. The most popular fabrics used for these wall coverings are velvet, satin, linen silk, leather and jacquard. Of course, depending on what kind of fabric or fabrics you have used in home decoration and the choice of furniture and appliances, the material of the wall covering can also be varied and selected in accordance with the mentioned sections to create more harmony and integration in home decoration.

fabric wallpaper
Special and attractive ideas in new designs of fabric wallpaper

If you are looking to use a wallcovering for a long time and do not have to replace it any time soon, you can go for these wallcoverings. Fabric wall hangings have a long life and will be your guest for a long time. Of course, when you use fabric wall coverings, you will experience more durability than other types of wallpaper or paint.

Installing and applying fabric wall coverings is much easier than painting and wallpaper installation is almost easy. Another feature of these wall coverings that makes them a good choice is the fibers that prevent the impact from hitting the wall. In addition to all this, fabric wall coverings can also act as insulation to some extent.

An example of a fabric wallpaper with a simple design, suitable for a bedroom index wall

The cost of fabric wall coverings

The cost of making and installing these wallcoverings is about the same as the price of wallpaper and maybe a little more, which of course will be affordable due to the high durability of these wallcoverings and their unique features. Naturally, you can use these wall coverings in any space you want.

Wallpaper is a simple
Wallpaper is a simple and attractive fabric suitable for business and office

As mentioned earlier, fabric wall coverings, because of their acoustic or sound insulation properties, can act as a barrier to sound, resulting in spaces such as bedrooms that need a quiet environment. And have a sound, they are very convenient. These wall coverings can also be used in TV rooms, conference rooms and living spaces.

Fabric Wallcovering
Today, we see products in the field of mass-produced fabric wallpapers with attractive designs.

Before you think about buying these wallcoverings or get to the implementation stage, you should pay attention to a series of points. First, you need to have enough materials to install. The next point is to make sure that the wall coverings are not damaged. Because if you install something like three bars of them and then you notice a problem, the company or the provider store will not take them back. During the installation phase, make sure that the surface you want is completely clean and dry. Remove any dust or dirt from the wall surface to install the wall covering. You should also make the surface of the wall perfectly smooth and even. If the wall plaster has just been applied, let it dry completely.

Fabric wall coverings
Fabric wall coverings to make the reception hall wall attractive

Fabric wall covering maintenance methods

You can use a brush to maintain fabric wall coverings. Of course, the wall covering you have provided may have a special method of maintenance. In this case, it is better to ask the seller exactly how to do the maintenance. You can separate a special part of your home decoration from other parts by using a fabric wall covering and give it a characteristic.

clean wallpaper
Easy methods are used to clean fabric wall coverings

You can be a little more creative in implementing wall coverings and use several different designs together. Instead of using a single design, you can combine several designs to get an interesting result. You can choose contrasting designs and add variety and charm to the decoration of your desired space.

Today, we are witnessing the development of the production of fabric wall coverings in various and attractive designs.

What is a fabric wallcovering?

Naturally, the more interesting and different ideas you come up with, the more interesting you will end up with. It is not necessary to install the wall covering on a complete surface

Focus on the wall. You can allocate only part of the wall surface to the wall covering. In walls with bedding, the wall covering can be placed in the space between them and create a beautiful fabric frame.

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