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If you want to slightly change the decoration of your home or you want to give a new spirit to the boring walls of your room, you can use stickers or wall sticker. These labels are available in a variety of designs and shapes. You can easily attach them to your wall and see what a tremendous impact they will have on the design of your room.

wall sticker
Wall sticker with star design suitable for the room of tasteful couples

What is a wall sticker?

You may see the use of wall stickers in many homes these days. One of the reasons for choosing wall stickers is because they are easy to use. But first we need to know what a wall sticker is and how to use it?

Living room sticker
An example of a nature sticker suitable for a reception wall

Application of wall stickers

In addition to beautifying the design of your room, wall stickers and stickers can also be useful in covering defects, holes and cut parts of your wall. They can hide these parts from view and at the same time give a beautiful environment.

Note that to beautify your home with any artwork, including wall stickers, wallpaper, stencils, etc., you must make sure that you choose them correctly to achieve the desired result.

wall sticker
Attractive stickers suitable for the reception index wall

Select a wall sticker

The first thing to think about when choosing a wall sticker is where you want to put your sticker. Knowing this will help you choose the design and model that best suits the space. Wall stickers come in many designs, but without a doubt, not all of them will look good in a particular place.

Baby room sticker
An example of a cartoon sticker suitable for children’s room wall

When choosing a wall sticker, pay attention to the area of ​​your room. The price of wall stickers varies according to their size. If you want to decorate a large blank wall, you can use large wall stickers so that it can occupy the entire space. Or if you decided to put a sticker on a part of the wall, you can still do it. Just be careful that the size of your stickers is not so large that it looks too  small compared to the space of your room.

What is a wall sticker?
Wall sticker nature design suitable for the wall behind the bedroom bed

Sticker for small spaces

For walls with less space, choose smaller wall stickers. If your wall space is small and vertical, then choose a sticker that is tall and narrow, like a forest tree design sticker. If the space of your wall was horizontal, choose a narrow and wide wall sticker.

Bedroom wall sticker
Romantic wall stickers suitable for the wall of the bedroom index of young couples

Use wall stickers in decoration

Each room of a house should have a different atmosphere. The wall stickers you choose will have a great impact on the space and atmosphere of the room. Use colorful stickers if you want to create a fun and lively atmosphere. If you like to create a nature-inspired atmosphere, use cherry blossom stickers or other wall stickers containing elements of nature.

wall sticker
Animal design wall stickers suitable for teen room space

What color should we use?

As always, color is important in choosing a wall sticker. You need to choose a wall sticker whose colors are suitable for the space around it. The color of your wall sticker can have a dramatic effect on your room. You can even ask a designer to determine the right color for your room and you can make a wall sticker in that color that matches the interior design of your room.

Sticker for study room
An example of a wall sticker with a geometric design suitable for a study room

What are the harmful substances of wall stickers?

Some stickers contain substances that may be harmful to family members, especially children. Therefore, before buying, make sure that it is made of safe material. To do this, check how the stickers are made and whether the VOC-free, phthalate-free, non-official lead-free label is affixed to it. You need to pay attention to this, especially if you want to decorate your baby or toddler room with a wall sticker.

wall stickers suitable
Simple design wall stickers suitable for hall space

Modern decoration with wall sticker

If you want to have a modern interior design then you should look for stickers that have modern designs. So do not choose a wall sticker just because you like its design because it should be in harmony with your interior design. You can ask consulting sellers whether this wall sticker is suitable for a modern space or not. Or you can make a small sticker sample to see if it fits well when you install it on the wall of your room.

animal wall sticker
Wall stickers with animal design suitable for living space

Use stickers for children

If you have a child in your home, you want to put a sticker on the wall of their room, let them choose. Do not pick up stickers that they do not like because they are room dwellers. First of all, teach your child what a wall sticker is so that he can be careful in his choice.

Avoid wall stickers that are too detailed and too realistic. Instead, let them choose stickers that use their imagination. These can be colorful and vibrant stickers. Your child’s favorite character sticker can also be a good choice.

 wall stickers suitable for living room
Bird design wall stickers suitable for living room and bedroom

Use in bedroom decoration

For the adult bedroom, you can use landscape stickers and other designs that will delight the bedroom owner. Stickers in black and white designs have a beautiful look in the bedroom of adults and besides, they are considered as one of the most popular design trends today. Of course, there is no prohibition to use stickers that contain non-black and white colors.

Sticker Wallpaper
Wall stickers nature design suitable indicator wall

Living room wall sticker

Large stickers are more suitable for the living room, especially if a large part of your living room wall is empty. As mentioned earlier, make sure the design matches your home interior design style. For example, choose stickers that contain colors in the current space of your home. In this way, the colors will be complementary and harmonious.

Large wall stickers in the living room also work well as a background for furniture and other accessories. When choosing a wall sticker for your dining room or kitchen, you should use pictures of kitchen utensils, fruits and other things related to food. For baths and toilets, choose stickers for marine life, waterfalls, rivers, and anything related to water.

Sticker wallpaper
An example of a wall sticker suitable for a reception accent wall

Types of wall stickers

Stickers are available in adhesive, non-adhesive, labeled, replaceable and reusable. Choose the type that best suits your needs. Also, do not hesitate to ask the seller about the details of these types of stickers before buying. Wall stickers are very beautiful. These can transform your indoor space without costing too much. Unlike other methods of decorating walls, wall stickers are not expensive, but in the blink of an eye, they can make your room more beautiful.

Car design wall sticker
Car design wall stickers suitable for living space and teen room

How to install and remove a wall stickers

Because it is possible to stick wall stickers on any surface, you must be very careful when installing wall stickers. This is especially true for more subtle designs.

First, clean the bottom surface from any dirt and after installing the wall stickers, draw on the design with a strong cloth to absorb the wall.

Install wall sticker
How to install and remove a wall stickers

The best way to separate the sticker from the surface is to use a hair dryer. Because the hair dryer softens the wall stickers by heating it and can be easily removed from the surface without removing part of the wall. If the sticker has been on the surface for a long time and you want to change or remove it because it is old, you can remove it from the wall without a hair dryer.

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