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The Accent Wall is a wall that is different from other walls in the room and has a different color, design or texture and is more prominent than other walls in the room. This wall attracts the viewer’s eye in the first place. In fact, it is a great way to liven up a largely neutral atmosphere and reflect your personal style.

With the help of this wall, you can give style and identity to your personal space!

Accent Walls can usually create a special pattern for spaces designed by painting, neutral and one-handed. This particular pattern can also be used for spaces designed with plain wallpaper without a pattern.

Workplace index wall
Extreme Wallpaper with patina design suitable for office and commercial walls

How to choose an Accent Wall

Selecting an Accent Wall is the most important part of the space design process.

The first thing you need to do is determine which wall is the indicator and do not choose a wall at random. For example, in the first place in a space, where does the eye see naturally?

The wall in front of the TV is a good choice. Maybe your apartment has a wall that attracts more attention than the rest, or you have a wall in front of your sofa.

How to choose an accent wall
An example of wallpaper with different colors suitable for the reception wall

The key point

  • Consider which wall a person naturally looks at first when entering a room.
  • Keep in mind that you should avoid this wall for a space full of furniture or too small.
  • If you have an outdoor living room, dining room or kitchen, the use of a wall can be used as an Accent Wall. For example, choose a wall in the dining room as a visual space boundary.
  • Wall paneling is a simple yet effective way to transform any room in your home.
accent wall
extreme Wall wallpaper code 4073 with floral design suitable for the reception wall

How to create an Accent Wall?

Accent Walls work best in rooms that are mostly neutral in color, as they can adjust the conditions for the whole space. With the right choice, you can make the older houses more beautiful with the help of the Accent Wall. The easiest and cheapest way to create an Accent Wall is to simply use paint. You can paint the wall in different styles and colors to suit your interior decoration. Other items that can be used include wallpaper, posters, stones and tiles.

accent wall behind TV
An example of a wallpaper sticker suitable for the wall behind the TV

Do not be afraid of wallpaper

Many people are hesitant to use wallpaper because they think removing wallpaper from the wall is a difficult process, but there are many options for removing wallpaper that you can use if you want to change your wallpaper.

Accent Wall can be a great solution to add visual effect to your space. The wall is a wall indicator that gives energy to the room through texture, color and contrast.

Accent Wall in reception
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 211 suitable for reception walls

Select the Accent Wall color

Color has a huge impact on your living space in general, so choose your Accent Wall wisely when designing.

Bold colors are well used to draw visitors’ attention to the prominent walls in busy areas such as the entrance to the house. In contrast, for rooms where you spend a lot of time, more subtle colors are usually used. The easiest way to choose a good color for your Accent Wall is to find colors that match what is already in the room, such as matching your sofa, furniture or carpet.

Accent wall Reception
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 206 floral design suitable for the reception wall


Light should also be considered when choosing the color of the wallpaper. Because the effect of the Accent Wall on the light is different. Therefore, it is better to experiment with the color of your choice and see it at different times of the day. Dark colors make the Accent Wall look closer and the room space more intimate, while lighter colors make the wall look backwards and give the room a wider space.

Accent wall
An example of patina wallpaper suitable for office and commercial walls

Wall texture

The materials used, especially materials such as stone or tile, can also have a characteristic definition of a wall. Most importantly, do not use scattered Accent Walls to create more visual impact. Having too many or even too complex Accent Walls, instead of attracting attention and attracting attention, causes confusion and boredom. If you are unsure about how to use this wall, you can consult with interior decorators.

accent wall bedroom
Extreme Wallpaper Code 3045 from Power Album for Bedroom

Complementary designs are a great Accent Wall

Make sure you use complementary designs and colors of the original wallpaper. This will make the design of your space more complete. Choosing a design as a design and complementary designs for the rest of the walls of the room or space can be great and practical.

accent wall
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 4088 from uranium album suitable for bedroom

Think beyond solid colors

When thinking of a new design for your flag wall, do not limit yourself to specific designs and colors. The Accent Wall is limited to the color of a simple straw wall

It covers the wall. Think of other ways to use color. Your Accent Wall can be differentiated with the help of striped designs or special colors. Using strong metallic colors can create a different design for you.

accent wall
Wallpaper with a three-dimensional design suitable for the wall behind the TV

Do not forget the texture

Just using a certain color may not meet all your needs, so interior designers suggest using different materials for your Accent Wall.

Have you ever considered using decorative tiles or stones for your walls? Your Accent Wall can include a photo gallery, artwork, or even a fabric wallcovering. Recently, interior designers have also been using electric wall-mounted fireplaces on the Accent Wall.

accent wall
Sample wallpaper suitable for warming the wall behind the TV

The secret of exterior walls is that they are the most flexible interior decorating weapon you can have.

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