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These days, the world of wall coverings has become very wide and diverse. Different models of these wall coverings are offered every day. Making wall poster and wallpaper, which are used to beautify the interior of buildings, is done by using special materials.

poster for bedroom
One of the newest types of wall coverings that you have probably heard of is the wall poster. Wall poster is a new type of wallpaper that is a good way to attract attention. Wall posters can turn your desired interior upside down in the blink of an eye.


What is a wall poster?

Wall poster is a type of wall covering like wallpaper that is installed on the wall in different dimensions and designs. Posters are usually used on one of the wall surfaces. The reason they are named this way is that they have large images. The absence of repetitive designs is one of the main differences between posters and wallpaper. These images can be very attractive and transformative and change the environment.

wallposter for living room

Wall posters have a great visual impact on the environment because they are executed on a large scale. It is better to be careful in choosing posters from the catalogs, because the design you have chosen may surprise you negatively after execution. Some catalogs work better in this regard, as they display an image of the executed poster sample in real space.

wall poster for living room

Wall poster images

Poster wallpaper is usually created with the image of a landscape of nature or similar items, so by selecting and executing them, you will turn one of the levels of your desired space into a large image. An image that can be very vivid and beautiful and make the space attractive. There are several types of wallpaper available that can give you a variety of options depending on the type of space you are considering.

wall poster

Poster wallpapers are used in offices, shops, homes and many other spaces. Types of these wallpapers are used for children and teenagers’ rooms and are designed with favorite designs of this age group. There is another type of wallpaper that is for the space behind the TV, and if you want to separate the TV space from other parts, it will be an interesting and suitable choice.

Poster wallpaper designs can sometimes be ordered. In this case, the image you want is executed with the printer.

wall poster
Fancy design posters suitable for youth bedroom space

Leather poster

This type of poster is not economical due to the presence of leather. Leather posters may have parts of a leather design or the entire poster may be made of leather. If the whole design of the poster is leather, it is heavy in terms of weight and can act as an insulator. This wall poster is for luxury and modern decorations.

Leather wall poster
Leather design poster suitable for the reception space index

poster or wallpaper?

A wall poster is different from a wallpaper. These two wall coverings may look very similar at first glance, but they differ in design and dimensions. The wallpapers have alternating patterns that are repeated over and over again, but the posters display a large picture on the wall surface. On the other hand, the material of these two wall coverings is also different.

natural wallpaper

Another difference between posters and wallpaper is their installation. Installing poster wallpaper requires a lot of care and the executors must be very skilled. The installation must be done in such a way that the final image looks uniform and uniform. This installation can also be done in overlap, in which case a continuous image is obtained by placing the edges of the papers on top of each other.

Nature design poster
Nature design poster suitable for catering index

Poster application

Wall posters can be used in offices, shops, homes and many other spaces. Some wall posters are designed for children and teenagers. One of the new and interesting uses of wall posters is to use them as a TV background, which makes the wall behind the TV very attractive.

space design poster
The space design poster can be used in the teen bedroom space.

Advantages of using a poster

Posters can change the mood of the space and give the desired effect to your environment. Some posters make the space visually more spacious and spacious, increasing its depth. You can use posters as a decorative element in interior design.

Poster wallpaper design can be ordered. You can order the image you want to print and run with the printer.

Their high durability over painting is another advantage of the poster. This means that the painted walls will crack after a while and lose their shiny effect. But the color and effect of the posters is more stable.

beach design poster
An example of a beach design poster with related decorative items creates a beautiful atmosphere

Important point of installing wall poster

Another thing to keep in mind when installing and implementing posters is that posters, like wallpaper, are not suitable for covering all the walls of the house. The beauty of these wallcoverings is that they can be applied on a specific surface.

In order to use the posters properly, allocate a wall that you think will be more beautiful by installing the poster and will be a turning point in the decoration.

installing a poster
The process of installing a poster requires special taste and skill.

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