Wallpaper the whole house

As much as the world of wallpaper is vast, there are many questions about choosing and installing them. One of the questions that may come to your mind is, should the whole house be wallpaper? What is the best choice for wallpaper is a question that you have to answer yourself.

The answer to the question, whether the whole house should be made of wallpaper, depends entirely on the size of your house. If you are the owner of a small house and you want to use patterned wallpaper, it is better to know that covering all the walls with this beautiful and tempting paper will not have a good result. It is better to use plain wallpaper in addition to patterned wallpapers.

Wallpaper for flowers and plants
Wallpaper for flowers and plants creates a special and different atmosphere.

Should the whole house be wallpaper?

In general, in a small house, the use of simple light-colored wallpaper is recommended. If you use crowded designs and dark colors, your home space will be depressing and this is not what you want. If you have a large house, your hands are more open, but you still do not have to cover all the walls with wallpaper. You can use the following tips to make the wallpaper work better:

Should the whole house be wallpaper?
Extreme Wallpaper, code 4023, Damask design, suitable for living space

Make a smart choice

Choosing wallpaper can be very smart. How about If there is a milestone in your home that you want to make more of, you can get help from the wallpaper. For example, the wall behind the fireplace is one of the best places to install wallpaper on the house. Wallpaper can make your fireplace become the most special part of your home. In general, installing wallpaper individually on index walls is a smart choice.

Wallpaper behind the fireplace
Wallpaper behind the fireplace can be a different design than the surrounding wall.

How to make home wallpaper

If you are interested in patterned wallpapers and want to use them in the interior decoration of your home, it is better to do it only in a series of walls. We suggest walls that have no other extension. We mean that patterned wallpaper should not rotate on the wall surface and extend on the side wall.

How to make home wallpaper
You can only wallpaper the wall behind the main sofa.

Think differently for a particular space

You can use special wallpaper for interior decoration of special spaces of the house. By choosing a unique and distinctive wallpaper, you can emphasize the difference and separation of a space. This trick is very useful for separating the space in houses that have a free plan.

Should the whole house be wallpaper?
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 4075 floral floral design suitable for hall space

Cover the flaws of your home space

One of the advantages of installing wallpaper is the power that this coating has in hiding the defects of the wall. If the walls of your house have dents or bumps, one of the best ways to cover them is to use the same wallpaper. It is best to identify these walls and cover them first. You can then leave the rest of the walls intact.

Wallpapers cover the imperfections
Wallpapers cover the imperfections of the wall and give a special and beautiful effect to the space.

Should the whole house be wallpaper?

In answer to the question, should the whole house be made wallpaper? We must say be careful not to upset the balance of your home decoration. Some designs are so powerful and so-called prominent that they affect the whole home decoration. You may be confused by the colorful world of wallpapers and see different designs and do not know what the right choice for home wallpaper is.

Wallpaper the whole house
You can wallpaper only one wall in your room which is the accent wall.

You may want to choose a few designs and colors, but know that this is not the right thing to do, because too many designs and colors will upset the balance of interior decoration. Choose your designs carefully and consider their combination.

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