Familiarity with how to remove wallpaper is one of the most important things that you should be familiar with if your house is covered with wallpaper. Even the most stylish and beautiful wallpapers can be eye-catching and repetitive over the years. Naturally, you will want to replace them with new wallpaper.

Methods and training on how to remove wallpaper from the wall

If you are going to do the job of separating the wallpaper from the wall yourself, you need to know how to remove the wallpaper.

Tools needed to remove wallpaper
Tools needed to remove wallpaper

In general, removing wallpaper from the wall is divided into three methods:

One of the easiest ways to remove wallpaper is to use water. Water seeps through the pores of the wallpaper layer into the adhesive behind it, causing it to disappear. Most new generation wallpapers can be easily removed this way.

The adhesive on the back of the wallpaper is water-soluble, and after the water penetrates, it loses its strength and the paper is easily separated from the wall. You need to make sure that the wallpaper you want to remove from the wall this way can be peeled off. In this type of wallpaper, the vinyl layer of the wallpaper is separated from the wallpaper at once, and a thin layer of paper remains on the wall, which can be separated with water.

How to remove wallpaper by spraying water directly
How to remove wallpaper by spraying water directly

Video of teaching wallpaper with the help of water

With the help of this video, you can learn how to peel wallpaper step by step and in simple language.

Use of chemicals

Large stores, such as hardware or paint stores, have chemicals that are made to make wallpaper. These powdered ingredients are combined with hot water and vinegar. Spray the solution on the wallpaper. After a while, the wallpaper glue dissolves with this solution. Wallpaper can be removed from the edges of the wallpaper with a knife or spatula.

Sometimes you have to brush the used diluent liquid on the wallpaper. At this stage, try to work on a small area and start digging. This is because if you soak a large area in the diluent, the wallpaper will dry before digging and will need to be reworked.

Peeling off the wallpaper
Use of chemicals, water, napkins and spatulas

Use water vapor

Yes water vapor! An easy way to steam wallpaper is to use a steam cleaner or electric steamers. These devices generate steam by adding water to the tank. Apply steam on the surface of the wallpaper with a steam cleaner handle. Water vapor dissolves very quickly with the glue on the back of the wallpaper due to the high heat and the spray of its particles on the paper. After that, it is enough to pull the wallpaper from the wall surface to separate it. When using a steam cleaner, you must follow the safety tips to prevent your hands from getting burned, and at the same time, you must be careful that the dry wall covering remains undamaged.

Use steam cleaner to remove wallpaper
Use steam and water vapor to remove wallpaper from the wall

Simple wallpaper separation

Some wallpapers can be removed from the wall without any chemicals or water. At this time, it is enough to remove the edge of the wallpaper from the wall with the help of a spatula, and then gently remove the paper from the wall with the help of your hand so that the paper does not tear. If after this, the traces of wallpaper remain on the wall or when part of the wall is removed, use another method such as using steamer, which we have described in this article.

remove wallpaper
Peel off the first layer of vanilla wallpaper

Things to do before separation

  • First of all, remove the decorative items, paintings, etc. from the wall. If it is not possible to remove the device completely from the room, it is enough to drag the device to the middle of the room and collect it. In this way, there is enough space around the room to remove the wallpaper. Use nylons or plastic sheets for floors, carpets, rugs or furniture.
  • Items needed to remove the wallpaper include: a sponge or paint roller, one or two wide knives or a spatula (preferably), a ladder or four long legs, a measuring tool and a sprinkler (it can be an agricultural sprinkler or a glass detergent that cans It is empty.
  • Some dried wallpapers can also be removed from the wall and may not require water or steam. You can try it for yourself before doing anything else. Start with a spatula at a 45-degree angle from the corner of the wall where the edge of the wallpaper is marked. Drag the spatula under the paper. If the wallpaper breaks into sheets, it is necessary to use special chemicals for removing wallpaper.
Wallpaper peeled off the wall
You can remove the wallpaper with a spatula.

Separation of hard wallpaper

  • It seems that your wallpaper is not easily removed and needs more action. Whether you intend to do this with water or with chemicals. You may need to make surface cuts on the surface of the wallpaper without damaging the wall behind the wallpaper with a spatula or tool that prevents deep scratches.
  • Then you can dip a painting sponge or roller in a solution of chemicals and hot water. And draw on a small piece of wallpaper about 50 cm by 50 cm. Allow water moisture to seep into the joints and crevices. Hot water loosens the glue, and these smaller cuts make it easier for you to peel off the wallpaper.
remove wallpaper
After the wallpaper is wet, gently peel off the wallpaper with a spatula.

Use hot water to remove wallpaper

  • To peel off the wallpaper, until the glue under the wallpaper is loose. It is necessary to spray hot water or solution on the surface of the wallpaper several times. Repeat the moisturizing of the wallpaper every time you notice that it is difficult to peel off the wallpaper. The small pieces left on the wall can be removed by sanding.
  • When the wallpaper was finished, all the small pieces were removed from the wall surface. Allow the wall to dry completely. Probably a little sticky and uneven to the wall surface. To solve this problem, use water solution and TSP and wash the wall with it. Until the wall is perfectly flat. Well then your wall is ready for a new wallpaper. If you are going to paint the wall this time, you need to sand the wall first.
Wallpaper and dig it up
Using hot water, you can loosen the wallpaper glue.

Use steamer to remove wallpaper

You should try steaming when you have not been able to properly separate the wallpaper in any of the above three methods. Gently rub the steam on the wall and let the wallpaper get wet. Then use a spatula to lift the edge of the wallpaper. If you see that, do not loosen the wallpaper glue again.

Use a steam cleaner to separate
Steam cleaners loosen the wallpaper glue and you can peel off the wallpaper more easily.

Tips for using steamer to learn how to peel off wallpaper

  • If you do not notice any change after using the steamer and the steam has not penetrated the wallpaper, make small holes in the wallpaper.
  • For best results, hold the steamer on the wall for a few seconds.
  • If pieces of paper remain on the wall after removing the wallpaper with the help of steam cleaner, clean them with the help of hot water mentioned above.
Use a steam cleaner to separate
How many times should you steam the paper? If it does not change, go to the water.

Vinyl coated wallpaper

To remove wallpaper on which a layer of vinyl has been applied, you must first remove the vinyl layer with a spatula and then apply the instructions to remove the wallpaper using water.

remove wallpaper easily
After removing the first layer of vinyl wallpaper, sprinkle water on the second layer and then start removing it.

Instructions on how to remove wallpaper from the wall

In the beginning, it is necessary to empty the wall of decorative accessories and other items. Remove your appliances such as furniture or decor from the wall and use a damp mat or towel to prevent dust. After emptying the wall, follow these steps:

  • With the help of a spray device, spray the liquid you have chosen to accelerate the separation on the wall.
  • Lift the edge of the paper from the bottom corner of the wall with a spatula. If this happens easily, continue.
  • To separate the paper, simply lift both sides of the wallpaper and hold the bottom of the paper with your hand. Do this throughout the room.
  • If the wallpaper is hard, use a cutter or sharpener to separate the paper, and pull your knife or sharpener under the paper so that the layers of wallpaper are completely removed.
Wallpaper peeled off the wall
Do not rush to remove the wallpaper so that the paper separates very cleanly from the wall.

Wipe the walls after peeling off the wallpaper

After finishing the work, the wallpaper paste may remain on the surface. To clean it, wash the walls with a sponge and hot water and dry it with a clean cloth after finishing the work.

If the amount of dough is small or non-existent, spray a weak solution of water and detergent on the wall, and pat dry with a soft sponge.

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