Making your home look bigger with wallpaper

People who choose to live in the city usually need different decorative tricks to make their living environment look bigger than it is. Larger and more inviting solutions for small rooms are associated with a combination of colors, designs and textures. Showing a large space with wallpaper is also one of the interior decoration tricks. People who are looking for suitable ideas for decorating small rooms can give a new look to the place by using beautiful wallpapers. New wallpapers with 3D designs, minimal, simple, etc., offer you many choices.

3d wallpaper
Functional use of 3D wallpaper to enlarge the space

Which wallpaper is more suitable for making the space bigger?

Based on the suggestions of our designers, you can make your home space the best wallpaper. If your space is small or large, use the right wallpaper to balance.

Damask Wallpaper
Damask floral design wallpaper suitable for the space behind the TV

Warm places with bright colors

One of the most widely used ways to enlarge small rooms and deepen cramped spaces is to create a color palette using light colors. This method not only makes the room more cozy, but also gives you peace and comfort. By using light and neutral colors wallpaper, you can give a more beautiful effect to the furniture and lighting of the room, and by using light furniture, you can create harmony in the decoration.

Wallpaper to show a large space
Extreme Wall wallpaper code 4029 suitable for bedroom space

Pastel colors and calm atmosphere

We all want to bring color to our living environment by using colors and textures. In particular, creating a calm atmosphere in the living room does not cost much to relieve stress and daily fatigue. By using pastel colors, you can easily create the relaxing atmosphere you want. For example: Design eye-catching space using colorful wallpaper or pastel designs. Creating a calm atmosphere in a small room will eliminate the feeling of frustration.

Using green wallpaper can make the environment attractive to you.

Do not be afraid of happy colors

Combine light colors with vibrant colors to create a vibrant color effect and create a space that does not tire the eyes. In this way, you can display both colors and create a warm atmosphere. Prepare a color palette of energy, section and white colors and choose wallpaper that matches your color palette.

Floral wallpaper
Refresh your living space with brightly colored wallpaper.

Wallpaper to enhance the colors

You can use wallpaper to give a fresh look with warm colors. Creating a warm atmosphere in the living room is one of the main features of quiet and intimate homes.

Cool colored wallpaper can relax the bedroom space.

Similar colors and tones

If you want to deepen a small room, you have to remove the borders. Similar colors in wallpaper and furniture blur the boundaries created between colors. The use of various colors makes the space look narrower. But when the border between the colors disappears, an open and large appearance is created, and with this method, you can achieve a more pleasant place.

Colored wallpaper
Create a special space with green wallpaper.

Create depth using wallpaper

If you want to add depth to your bedroom with decoration, you can use 3D wallpaper. These types of wallpapers, in addition to creating a warm space, provide you with a generous space. With the help of wallpaper, you can create any appearance and atmosphere of nature that you like in the space. The use of white objects and furniture also enhances the effect of these wallpapers and gives you a space like being in nature.

3d wallpaper
Use 3D wallpaper to make your space bigger and more special.

Minimal designs

We usually want to create a tidy and crowded space in our bedroom, but the increase of objects and accessories in the space causes annoyance to the eyes. If you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. In a bedroom where light colors are predominant, you will achieve a tidy and cozy place by using wallpaper in harmony with light colors and with minimal designs on only one of the walls of the room.

3d wallpaper
Use 3D wallpaper code 284 from the General Extreme Walls album for the accent wall

Colored wallpaper and flooring

Children’s bedrooms are usually very small. If you want to design a colorful room for your child that does not make his eyes tired, use light-colored wallpaper and color schemes with light flooring. You can also use bright colors in the bed and other accessories.

colored accessories
Make your space special and cheerful by using colored wallpaper and colored accessories.

Corrugated wallpaper

Vertical and horizontal lines are usually used to make the place look bigger or taller. The use of gray wallpaper with vertical lines on one of the walls gives a beautiful effect to the place. But in order for the gray color not to create a cold atmosphere in the room, you can create a dynamic space by using a mirror or a console, and also warm the place by using wooden objects.

damask designs
Use damask designs and blue colors

Cover all the walls with one design and color

By covering all the walls with a pattern and color of wallpaper, you can create a whole and eliminate borders. In this way, an eye-catching flow is created in the space and small rooms will be seen larger than they are. If you want to use this method for wallpaper, be careful to avoid dark colors and crowded designs as much as possible. Otherwise you will get the opposite result.

Technique of using three-dimensional wallpaper to enlarge the space

Powerful reflection and its impact on the environment

When we talk about the reflection of light, we mean the reflection of light that is scattered on the space through wallpaper or paint. Colors usually absorb or reflect light depending on whether it is opaque or glossy. Because of their gender, wallpapers usually absorb more color than they want to reflect light. For this reason, wallpaper manufacturers decided to work on a new generation of wallpaper to maximize light reflection. To make this possible, new generation wallpapers have materials such as wreaths that reflect light well. It is safe to say that the reflection of light on Xtreme Wallpapers is the number one competitor in the country. In order to be able to use wallpaper in any space and turn the spaces with the least light into a bright and usable place, Extreme Walls has maximized the accuracy of light reflection in all its wallpapers.

Use wallpaper that reflects sunlight.
Use wallpaper that reflects sunlight.

The new generation wallpaper designs of Extreme Walls reflect light so much that it is not annoying on the one hand and does not spoil the wallpaper design, and on the other hand it can make the most of the least amount of light in the space.

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