Setting wallpaper with furniture in home decoration requires observing the subtleties and your ability to have an overview of the space. The walls of the house play an important role in the interior design and decoration of a house. Walls are the first image that is placed right in front of your eyes when entering space. So decorating the walls can quickly have a tremendous impact on the beauty of your home. Wallpapers are a great help to achieve this goal. They will get you there quickly and at a reasonable price. Now that you have decided to choose wallpaper for your home wall design. It is natural to face a world of questions and doubts in choosing wallpaper.

What color wallpaper should I choose? Modern or classic wallpaper? Which walls should I wallpaper? Do all walls need to be wallpaper? What should we set the wallpaper with? These are the questions that come to mind when buying wallpaper.

Set wallpaper with furniture
Striped wallpaper idea for living room

How to set wallpaper with furniture

Try to follow a policy when choosing wallpaper. As in your interior decoration, you have taken this path. You have to keep doing this. What we mean is that you can consider a large element of interior decoration in the space as a guide for setting wallpaper, such as setting wallpaper with furniture, and move forward accordingly.

These interior decoration elements can be curtains, furniture, an accessory and a special decorative device in the house, or even the model of your fireplace in the house can influence the choice of wallpaper in your house. Therefore, we will discuss the principles of setting wallpaper with furniture so that you can have different ideas in the layout.

Set wallpaper with furniture
Choosing wallpaper based on decoration items

Use of lighting

Lighting is another factor in setting your wallpaper. Do not ignore the effect of light on the wall that is wallpaper. Daylight and artificial light will have two different effects on the color of your wallpaper. Therefore, pay attention to the placement of chandeliers, lamps and lampshades in the desired space.

When choosing walls to install wallpaper, always consider the wall that has the most visibility when in space. This wall can be your main wall for choosing patterned wallpaper. The rest of the walls can be either plain wallpaper or painted according to your taste. Know that choosing patterned wallpaper adds a lot of depth and features to the space, so try to use less detail on that side of the room so that it is not visually crowded.

Set wallpaper with furniture
Coordinating the color combination used in the wallpaper with the decoration

Set the color of the wallpaper

In setting wallpaper with furniture and other items, choosing a color is one of the most challenging parts of choosing wallpaper. But no need to worry. With a little knowledge about recognizing colors and artistic taste, you can be satisfied with the result yourself.

The important thing in choosing the color of the wallpaper is that, like painting the walls, you should consider the whole color and your layout from the beginning before buying the furniture. However, if the furniture in the house has been arranged or you are going to re-install the wallpaper after a while, your hand in setting the wallpaper is not limited at all.

Colors are divided into two categories, cold and warm colors. Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are among the colors that create a warm and energetic atmosphere. So choosing these colors will make you have a warm and cozy atmosphere. These colors are attractive colors for teenagers and children. Some people also enjoy choosing warm colors for their living room. Because they like to create an intimate and loving atmosphere for family members to socialize.

wallpaper bedroom
Set wallpaper with bedspread style

Cool colors

Cool colors are like the colors of the blue, green, etc. spectrum. These colors give the person a sense of calm and stillness. Therefore, it is a good color for relaxation and relaxation. Cool colors do not have much power to affect other colors. Therefore, they are recessive colors compared to warm colors. These colors can be considered in the choice of wallpaper at a higher level of coverage of the walls. In choosing these colors for wallpaper, it is better to use some warmer complementary colors for accessories and furniture.

Neutral colors include the gray spectrum, but colors such as cream, bone, milky, light Nescafe, light khaki are also among these neutral colors in the selection of wallpaper. These colors can be combined well with other patterned wallpapers.

Always keep in mind that bright wallpapers make your space look bigger and more inviting. Of course, there is no denying the charm and uniqueness of dark wallpaper.

ست کردن کاغذ دیواری با مبلمان
Create stylish decorations using dark wallpaper and harmonious furniture

Set wallpaper with furniture

If your furniture has an upholstery with a special design such as tangled flocks or geometric shapes. Choosing a floral or geometric wallpaper is often the wrong thing to do. Even if the design of the wallpaper is exactly the same as the design of the furniture, because both of them, together, lose their effect and are not seen well.

One of the techniques is to match the color of the wallpaper with the color of the designs on the sofa or vice versa. If one of the papers is patterned and special, choose the other simpler and more uniform to have more effect. For example, wallpaper with a dark background and light designs next to a chair creates a cream-colored color and a simple bedspread without a pattern and color is an eye-catching and appropriate combination. Imagine if a chair or a bed had a patterned fabric, would it look the same? Patterned wallpaper, neutral colored furniture and a few simple and monochromatic cushions in the color range of the wall.

Tropical wallpaper
The idea of ​​filling the space with wallpaper

Set wallpaper with brown furniture

Decoration with brown furniture usually goes well with cream, gold, brown, yellow wallpapers in the classic style and in the modern style with orange and cyan colors.

Classic wallpaper
Luxurious and beautiful view of classic wallpaper next to harmonious furniture

Set wallpaper with red furniture

If you want to balance the energy and warmth of red, you can use gray wallpaper or you can use a combination of black and red wallpaper. Blue is also a good color for red. Red and green are complementary colors. If you have red steel furniture, it is better to set it with cream-colored wallpaper with small designs that have a red color.

Dining wallpaper
Use neutral wallpaper in the dining area

Set wallpaper with crimson furniture

Due to the stylishness of this color, you can use blue wallpaper along with silver or gray in the classic decoration. In modern decoration, this color harmonizes with colors such as yellow and blue in lighter ranges.

Set wallpaper with furniture
Very pleasant decoration with a combination of blue, yellow and gray colors

Set wallpaper with purple furniture

Purple is also an attractive and impressive color. To set with this color, you can use its complementary color, namely yellow. But if you want a formal atmosphere, have a classic style. You can use purple color spectrums such as lilac.

Set wallpaper with furniture
Use warm colors for the living room layout

Set wallpaper with pink furniture

Pink is a soft and soft color. This color does not have the ability to be set with many soft colors. Purple, lemon, light blue, blue green, gray are the colors that can be matched with it.

Baby room decoration
Pleasant decoration with the help of similar butterflies on the walls, curtains and bedspreads

Set wallpaper with green furniture

For a green and balanced color combination, you can use milky, yellow, lemon or its complementary color, red. Using two colors will bring a lot of energy and excitement to your home.

 wallpaper and the sofa
Design the space by creating a balance between the wallpaper and the sofa

Set wallpaper style

If the style of your home décor is classic with steel sofas and glittering gold and silver decorations, get rid of the idea of ​​letting geometric or modern wallpaper into your home. Of course, your personal taste is important in choosing wallpaper. But the overall combination of home decoration will not be stylish and professional. In the wallpaper design section, you will get acquainted with the types of designs and models of wallpaper that are placed in the style of classic decoration.

If you combine classic style wallpapers with twisted patterns and curved patterns with smooth and modern furniture design, it will not give a complete decorative effect to your home. Take a look at home furniture and accessories. Or if you have not bought these yet, take a look at the shopping list for home appliances. See if you are more interested in buying modern furniture and neutral colors, or if you like bright colors and busy details. Choose classic style wallpaper and if your room decoration includes modern tables and chairs and neutral colors, do not miss geometric wallpapers such as three-dimensional designs, circular designs, etc.

Living room wallpaper
Coordination in space with the help of wallpaper

Set wallpaper design

The world of designs and patterns is so vast and diverse that it is not limited to wallpapers. Every day, according to the latest trends, new designs are created that also open their feet to wallpapers. Therefore, wallpaper is not left in this field at all, and when choosing wallpaper, you will realize that every year you are faced with a world of updated designs that are well coordinated with the latest decoration styles in interior decoration magazines and social pages such as Instagram.

Living room decoration
Harmonious and very pleasant atmosphere with the use of cream and Nescafe themes

Damask Designs

Damascus and Islamic designs are generally considered as classic designs. And geometric and three-dimensional designs, natural designs such as wood design, leather design, fancy designs are considered as modern wallpapers. Do not forget to always consider this coordination.

  • Large wallpaper designs are suitable for large spaces such as receptions and halls and show the proportions of the space there. Tiny wallpaper designs are also great for small spaces.
  • Using striped wallpaper to show off the ceiling height is a good trick. Of course, it is better to use striped wallpaper with wide lines.
  • You can set the wallpaper design with curtain design or sofa style. If the design of your sofa or curtain is simple. You can coordinate with a cushion.
  • It is better not to use crowded and busy designs for the wall behind the TV so that the eyes do not get tired.
  • It is a good idea to use plain design wallpapers for visual coordination with patterned wallpapers. You can use a simple color to match the furniture or special accessories of the room.
Living room wallpaper
Corrugated wallpaper suitable for dark decoration

Set wallpaper

Wallpaper is generally divided into two categories in the market: PVC wallpaper and Nano wallpaper. PVC wallpapers usually have a glossy finish due to the PVC coating that is done on the paper. PVC wallpaper designs have a clearer protrusion than Nano-wallpaper.

Due to their PVC surface and protrusion, these wallpapers may have different light reflections than Nano wallpapers. So they may look a little darker or lighter with the difference in light during the day. However, this color difference is not large. If the decoration of your house or room is classic, you can use glossy PVC wallpaper and create a luxury atmosphere.

Green wallpaper
Great combination of green theme in the living room

Set with fabric

Wallpapers are good because of their soft and beautiful appearance with fabrics that have the same appearance in common. Some professional designers use damask wallpapers for a luxurious and special decoration with a combination of walls that are touched with velvet fabrics.

Floral wallpaper
The idea of ​​floral wallpaper and decoration in harmony with the background of the wallpaper

Set with natural materials

Wallpapers, with their great variety in designs, can be coordinated with other devices. Wallpapers can reduce many costs by covering the walls at a better price and more stylish appearance. They just have to have a good harmony with other materials in terms of style and context. This means that they have a proportionate visual load and value. Pay close attention to the texture, surface, color, and quality of the paper you choose when combining it with items such as those made from natural materials.

Catering wallpaper
Combining wallpaper and wood in the dining area

Set with carpet or rug

Carpet is one of the main decoration elements of most Iranian houses. Which has both practical and decorative aspects. Most rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors, and choosing the right wallpaper requires a lot of foresight. Again, note that if the carpet has a lot of design and role. It is better to use wallpaper and furniture with a simpler design and preferably a single color.

Dark color decoration
Dark decoration that fits your mood can be very relaxing

Reading Tip Setting wallpaper with furniture

Sometimes when buying wallpaper and seeing albums and various samples, a certain design will attract your attention, but be sure to note that the sample in front of you is small in size, while when running, this design in Larger and repetitive dimensions cover the whole space, here you need a bit of mental visualization to see if covering your entire walls with that design is the right thing to do. Or it is enough to use it only in a certain part of the walls. The selected design may not really fit well with your furniture and decoration.

Green wallpaper
The use of several color accessories balances the neutral decoration

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