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Bedroom decoration has a more unique design than other rooms in the house, so the use of colors in the bedroom lighting is of particular importance to people. Using wallpaper in the bedroom is one of the most common and inexpensive ways to change the interior design of your bedroom. With a variety of designs that have wallpaper, you can bring any design and color to your bedroom. In this article, we have tried to provide you with a guide to buying bedroom wallpaper.

Wallpaper can be used in any space that is not water and humidity. We all spend a lot of time choosing this cover for our living room and reception. It is true that the beauty of the living room is very important, but have you ever paid so much attention to having a wallpaper for a beautiful and lovely bedroom?

bedroom wallpaper
You can put a large flower design poster behind your bed.

Bedroom wallpaper buying guide

The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the house. This space is your place of rest and relaxation. It is the place of the house where the stresses and daily fatigue should be removed from you and it should give you a sweet and restful sleep. Therefore, the bedroom deserves the best decoration and naturally the most beautiful wallpaper.

wallpaper in the bedroom
The combination of color and wallpaper in the bedroom can give a beautiful atmosphere to your bedroom.

Bedroom wallpaper color

Choosing a bedroom wallpaper with a pattern gives a beautiful look to the bedroom, because the walls of a room are noticed more and more quickly. The bedroom is a space for relaxation and rest of the people in the house, it is very important to pay attention to it, such as: choosing the color of the wallpaper and the light of the bedroom. Do not forget that enough sleep and rest will make you feel more satisfied with life. To choose the first color, you need to know what color outside of your taste will help you sleep more comfortably. You may love the color orange, but you can not easily sleep in a room with orange wallpaper.

The type of wallpaper you choose for your bedroom will vary depending on what style of bedroom layout and decoration you have pre-designed and chosen.

bedroom wallpaper
You can choose from orange accessories for your room.

Low-pattern wallpaper

Choose smaller, lesser-designed designs, especially if your bedroom has a small space. If you are interested in a damask design for a bedroom wallpaper model, it is better to choose a damask that does not have a large design. The smaller the bedroom wallpaper design, the bigger your room will look and the better it will be to choose small floral wallpapers for the bedroom. Patterned wallpaper is usually installed behind the headboard or behind the wall where you place the dressing table. Finally, try to install patterned wallpaper on the two walls of the bedroom and keep the other two walls simple so that the space of the room does not look crowded.

If you want to sleep in your bedroom for hours and of course have a good night’s sleep, use wallpaper with soothing colors and do not forget that the darker the color, the dimmer and smaller the space will look.

Floral wallpaper
Floral wallpaper with purple flowers that give a good feeling to the environment.

Corrugated wallpaper

The corrugated wallpaper model also makes the ceiling look taller. It is good to combine corrugated wallpaper with patterned wallpaper to create a more modern decoration. To choose the wallpaper for the master room or the main bedroom of the house, first of all, its fit with the bedroom service should be considered. If there is no harmony between the design and color of the wallpaper and your bedroom service in the bedroom decoration, there will be visual chaos and this is not suitable for the bedroom environment at all. Everyone expects concentration and relaxation from their bedroom space. So simple designs with a neutral color theme are the best options.

In general, one should be careful when choosing crowded designs, especially in bedroom decoration, because the energy and movement in crowded designs make the space too dynamic and reduce the feeling of stillness and calm. This also makes the space look smaller.

bedroom wallpaper
Corrugated wallpaper makes the wall look taller and provides you with a classic style.

Crowded plans

However, if one of the crowded designs catches your heart and you are really interested in choosing it, we suggest that you install it only on one of the walls of the room, which is better to be the focal wall, and the surrounding funds with Cover an option of the same color theme, but with a simple design. But what is the focal wall? The wall behind the bed is usually known as the focal wall and the other walls are considered as sub-walls.

The living room and the guest room are somehow connected. Of course, this does not mean that you should use the same wallpaper to cover both walls, but in terms of user interface, it is recommended to use the same color theme for both.

bedroom decoration
An example of a crowded wallpaper design that has created a crowded atmosphere with the bed design and bedroom decoration.

Choosing wallpaper for teens bedroom

Choosing wallpaper for teen bedroom decoration should be done by observing the color proportions and asking your child’s opinion. Because teens are at different ages, their interests may turn to things you would not even think about. In general, boys prefer dark colors and sporty designs as teenagers, preferring to use less light in the bedroom.

However, most girls are interested in happy colors and screaming in adolescence. Geometric and geometric designs can also be used for teen room wallpaper. Of course, you may still come across a dull and unattractive wallpaper model that was once found in all grandmothers’ homes, but with new ideas, the aesthetic sense of decorating your bedroom wallpaper will be revived.

Men's and traditional oriented bedroom wallpaper
Geometric wallpapers are highly recommended for teen rooms.

Masculine and traditional oriented design

This is a great example of how you can make a bedroom with traditional and masculine decor more beautiful and at the same time maintain its design style and context.

Forest wood design

Consider the wallpaper of the bedroom with a forest wood design and see what a romantic effect it gives to the space. It’s hard not to fall in love with this idea.

Bedroom wallpaper forest design
You can use forest design posters for your bedroom.

Bird design

Consider a large bedroom that is full of romantic and relaxing atmosphere, covered with beautiful wallpaper of mythical bird design. This is a fantasy design that appeals to many tastes.

Bedroom bird design wallpaper
An example of a flower and bird design wallpaper that creates a romantic and fantasy atmosphere for your bedroom.

Classic style wallpaper

Classic style design also uses wallpaper. The difference is that unlike the English style where all four walls are covered with wallpaper, in the classic style only one wall is used for this purpose. For example, a light blue wallpaper with delicate patterns blends well with the blue side walls.

Classic blue bedroom wallpaper
Classic style wallpaper with its blue color creates a very traditional atmosphere.

Classic floral design

This classic floral wallpaper harmonizes the bedroom decoration according to the ladies’ taste and can be said to be compatible with almost any color palette. This versatile style goes well with everything from sparse floral designs to more contemporary effects with distinctive, large blooms. It is better to install this design only on one of the walls. Because if it is used on all the walls of a room, it can easily make the space crowded.

Classic bedroom wallpaper
Floral wallpaper with roses always creates a classic style for your bedroom and is very popular.

Floral design

Floral design is one of the most popular and lovable wallpaper patterns. Honestly, it is exactly what gives life to the bedroom that is going to be a dream. This pattern is more popular among women. But some of its models also look great for a master bedroom. Just look around and find the option you want among them.

Floral wallpapers bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to the home space. They come in a variety of sizes: small and large, simple and prominent flowers. For the interior design of any bedroom, you can use floral wallpaper to design it that will make you feel good when you wake up and will make you feel positive when you relax in the bedroom.

Floral bedroom wallpaper
Floral wallpaper with soft colors can calm you down.

Wallpaper with large flowers

Those who are looking for passionate and exciting designs turn to wallpaper with large flowers. This model of wallpaper adds a strong and dazzling effect to your overall design. The belief is that wallpaper with large shapes should be used only in large parts of the apartment. So using floral wallpaper with large flowers in a small bedroom is a habit breaker that creates an original and innovative design. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself.

Wallpaper with large flowers
Use wallpaper with large flowers for one wall only.

Wallpaper with small flowers

This type of wallpaper was at the peak of its popularity a few decades ago and has become popular again today. These wallpapers have a great effect on creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. These wallpapers are usually used in the decoration of romantic rooms and young ladies’ rooms and kindergartens.

Wallpaper with small flowers
An example of a floral wallpaper with small flowers in the bedroom that creates a relaxing and special atmosphere for your room.

Embossed floral wallpaper

Embossed wallpapers or silk wallpapers look different depending on the light that shines on them. For more harmony, you can use a device that has a solid background color and bright shapes to match the wallpaper. For example, spread a blanket with large flowers on the bed.

Embossed floral wallpaper
An example of embossed floral wallpaper that makes the room special and beautiful.

Floral wallpapers symbolize the English style

English style design without floral wallpaper is hard to imagine. In this style, all four walls are covered with wallpaper. This type of design is often complemented by fresh natural flowers.

Floral wallpaper symbolizes the English style
Wallpaper with small and natural flowers that symbolize the English style.

Mediterranean luxury design

Those who are looking for more luxurious decorations with more sophisticated details and elegance should not miss this magnificent golden, glamorous and Mediterranean style wallpaper. Just be careful to use it in a large room, otherwise it will make your room look small and crowded.

Luxury Mediterranean bedroom wallpaper
Mediterranean style is usually associated with crowded designs and decorations.

Metallic gold design

Metallic colors are now popular in both fashion and interior design. This means that you can even use them on the walls of your room. Just the moment you look at such a wallpaper model, you see how beautifully its golden design complements the elements around it. At the same time, due to its attractive design, it alone becomes a prominent element of bedroom decoration.

Gold metallic bedroom wallpaper
Metallic gold patterned wallpaper.

Honeycomb design

For a more modern and newer bedroom decoration, you can consider honeycomb wallpaper. You may have seen more honeycomb designs on street paving. But the honeycomb design is not so similar to them. Instead, it evokes a sense of youth and freshness as well as stylishness in the room.

Honeycomb design
Honeycomb or cube layer design is an attractive and special design that you can use for your bedroom.

Contemporary wood design

Inside the magnificent modern bedroom you will find a wallpaper with a wood pattern. This paper catches the eye of anyone who enters the room. This type of engraving is not far from modern designs and at the same time creates a warmer and softer atmosphere. You can even bring outdoor wood plan design into your home with a wallpaper and create a cozy and pleasant bedroom for yourself.

With this model of wallpaper and suitable lighting for the bedroom, you can add artificial architectural details and charm to your room without having to spend a lot of money. Try combining this woody wood style by adding large knot knits and floral fabrics.

Contemporary wood bedroom design
Using special wood and knitted fabrics with cream and green colors can create an attractive and good atmosphere for you.

Star flower design

Do not be afraid to use star flower design in decorating the room of single ladies or young couples. Just bring them in more neutral colors with blurred lines.

Bedroom star flower design wallpaper
Floral wallpaper with different shapes is always a good choice for the bedroom.

Modern style design – minimalist

In modern style design, wallpapers are used as a color differentiator with other design components. They can be glued to part of the wall or the whole wall. You can also use plain wallpaper with embossed designs, which will reduce the minimalism of the bedroom. In this style, the bedroom light is relatively bright and does not act as a lamp in the center. They use more natural light.

Stylish spiral design and pattern

Spiral wallpaper can give the room an artistic effect and at the same time create a modern decoration theme for it. The spiral design is especially suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

Stylish spiral design and pattern
Use spiral designs only for a wall that is large in width and height.

Wallpaper design for a happier bedroom

Neutral colors are generally used to decorate the bedroom. Because for a quiet sleep and a feeling of comfort and away from excitement, it is better to use less intense colors. But depending on the mood you have, you can use happier colors such as orange, red and yellow in your bedroom decoration, and add dynamism and vitality by adding more light in the bedroom.

In this style of design, colors and patterns appear not only through wallpaper but also through other fixtures and furniture into the color scheme of the room. It is hard to imagine a happy and stylish style without wallpaper with lush and lively flowers.

Extreme Walls Hydrogen Wallpaper 5113
You can create a fresh atmosphere for your room with floral wallpaper.

Abstract design

If you are young and hate clichés, it is better to go for abstract designs instead of flipping through classic wallpaper albums. Beauty and its definition are manifested in abstract patterns in a different way. Abstract designs can include any form and role, and their charm is that they always surprise you. If you love art, especially modern art, you will probably fall in love with abstract design.

Abstract wallpaper
Abstract designs can create a modern style for your room.

Palm tree leaf design

This wallpaper design has many features. First of all, it becomes a prominent element of your room and at the same time inspires a sense of calm in the space.

Palm leaf wallpaper
If you want to have a green and lively room, you can use leaf design wallpaper.

Bohemian style design

In the bohemian style design, wallpapers with bright shapes and patterns with exciting colors are used. In this design style, flowers breathe life into the room and create a distinctive atmosphere. Fresh natural flowers are used as a complement to the beauty of the room.

Bohemian wallpaper
An example of a bohemian style with wallpaper and decoration used.

Rustic style design

If you know the rustic style, you know that there is no glamor in it. Rustic and its features are suitable for those who want a simple and relaxing decoration. Their idea of a bedroom is a cozy space that is full of comfort. By choosing rustic wallpapers that may have wood, brick or hemp patterns. You can bring such a feeling to your bedroom and enjoy the tranquility of your resting place. For bedroom light, you can also use lamps that are placed inside the wood.

Rustic wallpaper
In the rustic style, the simplicity of the equipment and neutral colors and white are used.

Small bedroom wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for a small bedroom can be difficult. But with a few tips and the right choice, you will see amazing results. One of the most important points is to use simple designs that do not show the crowded space. If you have a special design and color for the bedroom, try to apply it only on the index wall. This is because the implementation of color and patterned designs on the entire walls makes the space appear smaller than it is. You can use patina, texture and simple designs for most walls.

Small room wallpaper
Using crowded wallpaper for a small bedroom makes the room look smaller.

3D design for bedroom wallpaper

Maybe if until recently you were promised to live in a beautiful and boundless space. You were surprised or even laughed at. But since the footprint of 3D wallpapers opened up to thousands of designs and colors of this amazing cover, such a promise no longer seems strange and unbelievable. With the help of three-dimensional wallpaper for bedroom decoration, you wake up every day to see the view you want and easily create the unique atmosphere you wish to live in.

Bedroom wallpaper
3D designs can always make your bedroom attractive and special.

Using colors in the bedroom

Because the bedroom is a place of privacy and privacy and also requires a unique design and style, different colors can be used in the design of the bedroom. Depending on the style you choose for the bedroom, you can use only one color for the bedroom wallpaper or create a beautiful color combination by using different colors.

Color is one of the most important elements in the design of any place and the use of color in the bedroom is even more important. Because color not only affects the appearance of the room, but also plays an important role in creating a suitable atmosphere for a comfortable and healthy sleeping experience. The important thing to consider when using color in the room is that the color should be chosen in accordance with the design and style of decoration of the room, and if you want to use more than one color, the colors you choose should be in perfect harmony with each other.

One of the best ways to bring color to a room is to use wallpaper. Wallpapers with different colors and designs can give a special color and surface to your bedroom.

Colors wallpaper
Using colored wallpaper can make your room happy and attractive.

Brick walls

If you want to create a warm and vintage style in your room, you can use brick paint. Brick paint has all the characteristics of a warm color and is more compatible with styles such as vintage style. Of course, to use this color, it is better to cover one of the walls with real brick, or if this method is a little difficult for you, use wallpaper that has a brick design and pattern. Brick color can give a warm and pleasant atmosphere to your bedroom.

Brick design wallpaper
Brick design wallpaper can be a good alternative to using real brick.

Pink walls

One of the most popular colors that is most used by women in the bedroom is pink and its different tones, which can provide you with a unique decoration. To enjoy the beauty of pink in your room, you can either cover the walls with pink or use wallpaper with pink designs. Both of these methods can bring the beauty of pink to your room. But the use of pink wallpaper due to the variety of designs can make your bedroom wall more beautiful.

Pink wallpaper
Pink wallpaper for girls’ rooms has always been a concern.

Beige walls

If you have a minimalist life style, you can give color and beauty to the walls by using beige color and its different tonalities in the room. Beige, which is known as a neutral color, is suitable for use in all styles, including modern and minimal, and will create a flawless decoration in the bedroom. Beige wallpapers can be a good choice for this color.

Beige wallpaper
Beige wallpaper can be easily set with anything because it is neutral.

Walls in bright colors

If you are looking for a refreshing and generous room, it is better to use bright colors. Bright colors have properties that can be combined with different styles and colors to create a balanced atmosphere. White and light tones can give you a relaxing, warm and bright bedroom.

Brightly colored wallpaper
If you want a bright and cozy bedroom, use light colored wallpaper.

Walls with a combination of gray and brown colors with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

If you are interested in using neutral colors in the bedroom, a combination of neutral colors such as gray and brown can give you a beautiful color combination. For this purpose, gray color can be used on the wall in the bathroom or on the floor of the bedroom.

Gray-brown wallpaper
An example of brown wallpaper with a combination of gray room accessories

Green walls and their tones with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

Green color and its various tones are suitable colors for the bedroom; Because they create a calm and suitable atmosphere for sleeping and give a refreshing look to the bedroom. Especially light tones such as pistachio green color, create a beautiful harmony with neutral colors and are a good choice for people who are interested in classic style.

green wallpaper
Green color can create a classic style for you and create a feeling of vitality for your room.

Walls with a combination of black and white colors with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

To create a modern and different atmosphere in the bedroom, you can use the beautiful combination of black and white colors. This color combination allows you to use contrasting colors in a beautiful and harmonious way together. The combination of black and white colors is the best choice for modern and contemporary style bedrooms.

Black and white wallpaper
An example of black and white for the bedroom that has created a modern atmosphere.

Dark-colored walls with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

Dark colors are among the colors that are less used in the bedroom. But if you want to use the contrast of colors clearly and create contrast in your room, dark colors will be the best choice for the walls. Dark colors in combination with light colors will create a very beautiful and elegant bedroom for you.

Dark wallpaper
People who want to have a special room can use dark colored wallpaper.

Black walls and tones with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

By using black color and its different tones on the walls of the bedroom and other available surfaces, you can create an effective decoration. By using black color in the bedroom or the back wall of the bed, you can give a different effect to the room and enjoy the powerful character of black color.

Black wallpaper for the bedroom
An example of black decoration that combines white and gray colors to give a beautiful visual effect to the room.

Purple walls with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

To create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, one of the best choices will be purple and its tones. If you are looking for a modern room, but with a romantic atmosphere, you can enjoy the elegance of purple and its different tones.

Purple wallpaper
The use of purple and pink colors creates a fancy and modern atmosphere for the bedroom.

Dark brown walls with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

Dark brown is also one of the dark colors that is very suitable for use in the bedroom. Dark brown color, which can also be used as a wood color, can give a different effect to the sleeping space.

Dark brown wallpaper
The combination of brown with gold and cream can provide a stylish atmosphere for people.

Bedroom lighting with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

It is necessary to use lights for the whole space of the house. There is no one in the world today who can live a normal life without electricity and light. Bedroom lighting is no exception and is a must. Two types of lighting are often used in the bedroom; Lights with direct light and lights with subtle light. A light or direct light is used to perform various tasks in the bedroom, such as reading, while subtle lighting is good when you want to relax in bed and relax. But we must also remember to use natural light in addition to artificial light.

Bedroom lighting
You can use a lampshade or bedside lamp for your bedroom.

Dramatic chandeliers for bedroom lighting

While most chandeliers are used in the dining or living room, you can also use them in the bedroom. With these chandeliers, in addition to using color in the bedroom, you can give the space a completely eye-catching effect. Chandeliers are offered in different designs and models. You can choose the type that matches your interior design style. You will see how chandeliers can create a distinctive and attractive effect in your bedroom. But use chandeliers only in your bedroom when the space is large or has a high ceiling.

Dramatic lamps
Dramatic lamps and chandeliers can create a modern decoration for you.

Spotlights for highlighting

Bedrooms usually have a lot of decorations to display, which use incandescent lamps to emphasize their effect. In such spaces, each of the wall paintings is usually highlighted by placing spotlights on each of them. In addition, these spotlights can provide enough light when you only need low light. They are used for two purposes; To illuminate the bedroom in a subtle and prominent way, showcasing your valuable collections.

Indoor light bulbs
Using floodlights to highlight is a great idea for bedroom lighting.

Built-in ceiling lights for bedroom lighting

Built-in lights are used to create a dramatic style in the bedroom. This kind of light source that is not visible but the light that is emitted from it can be seen is called built-in lighting.

Bedroom floodlight
An example of a built-in skylight for bedroom lighting

Coordinate the lamps on the bedside table

The bedroom looks much better by matching the chandelier in the center and the lamps on the bedside tables. In addition, if you have only one bedside table, you can use a lamp. If you have two beds, use two identical lamps on them to have a cohesive effect. But you can also choose these two lamps to have a different eclectic effect.

Bedside lamp
Use one-of-a-kind lampshades for your bedside tables to give a good visual effect to the bedroom.

Starry nights with the help of buying bedroom wallpaper

Want something more exciting for your bedroom? Why not try a shiny starry ceiling? You can make fiber optic lamps and give your bedroom ceiling the appearance of bright stars. Some of them even have Swarovski crystals that shine like stars at night.

Starry nights in the bedroom
Use fiber optic lights to create a dream bedroom

Wall lamps for bedroom lighting without taking up much space

Your bedroom will have a good view of the wall lights in any size and dimensions. Unlike the lampshades on the bed, they do not take up much space and only need a small part of the wall. Sconce lights come in a variety of designs. You can prepare modern and sleek types of it or use classic and decorative models that make your bedroom look romantic and make its atmosphere cozy and warm.

Sconce for the bedroom
Wall-mounted bedside lamps can create less space.

Lighting to do the work in bedroom lighting

Work or task lights are those that provide the desired lighting to perform certain activities and tasks in the bedroom. Most of the time, you need a central light in the ceiling so that you can do some things easily. These lights can be very useful, especially when dressed or studying. You can use fluorescent lamps or lamps for this purpose.

Bedroom Wallpaper Buying Guide
Bedroom lighting is one of the most exciting ways to design a bedroom interior.

Pendant lights for bedroom lighting

The use of pendant lights on the sides of the bed creates an eye-catching and attractive effect. Pendant lights not only illuminate the bedroom but also add to its charm. We have seen many bedrooms with pendant lights on the sides of their thrones, all of which look attractive and invigorating.

Pendant lights in the bedroom wallpaper shopping guide
Bedroom pendant lights are always a good option for bedroom lighting.

Bright Throne

Bring it to life by placing lamps on your throne. You can use built-in or pin lights for this purpose. In addition, you can use other creative methods for lighting your bedroom and lighting your crown. Some beds that have awnings also look more beautiful with the lighting behind them. In this case, your crown will light up your bedroom while all the other lights are off. This will definitely make your bedroom more relaxed and give it a dazzling look.

Bedroom Wallpaper Buying Guide
You can use linear lighting for your bedroom space and create a special and modern space.

Natural light and its effect on the purchase of bedroom wallpaper

Nothing compares to natural light. It is several times more valuable than artificial light in the bedroom. Take advantage of natural light by opening the windows during the day. This can help you save energy. Using yellow in the bedroom can also eliminate your need for more light. A dark bedroom is not good for rest and relaxation, but in a well-lit room, the warmth and beauty of the lights create a relaxing atmosphere.

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