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The psychology principles to select wallpaper

We have to consider many things in choosing wallpaper. Choosing the color and design of the wallpaper is an important issue that we recommend that you accidentally choose a design or color. Choosing wallpaper with psychological principles helps you experience peace and security at that place.

If you want to choose wall paper for your workplace, the importance of psychological principles for choosing is more important. You might ask what colors are really more appropriate? We will give you a complete answer below.

Choosing wallpaper with psychological principles
Choosing a modern style for the wallpaper actually reflects the depth of your thoughts.

Choosing wallpaper with psychological principles

Colors and designs not only play an important role in creating a good look and feel in the place, but they can also change your mental state in different situations. That’s why you have to choose the color and design of the wallpaper wisely. A principled choice can reduce a large part of your stress and mental pressure and even when you have to make sensitive decisions, make the place more relaxed for you.

The psychology principles to select wallpaper
Designs and colors can remove nerve pressure.

Psychology of colors

Black and gray colors, which are very common in the world of interior decoration and have their own territory, are a symbol of a sense of power, trust, wealth and intelligence. The combination of these two colors with white color is also amazing Because white color creates a balanced space with these two colors. The combination of white color with black and gray colors also increases mental peace.

Psychology of colors
The choice of Damascus design and gray color increases the sense of power and trust in space.

White color alone has a strange miracle in interior decoration. White color makes your place look brighter and bigger also, this color expresses a sense of simplicity, a fresh start and purity of course, it neutralizes many negative feelings such as anger, hatred, and hostility, by watching this color in the space, you will be much calmer for important decisions.

The psychology of choosing a wallpaper design
also simple designs tell us simplicity and beauty are not separate from each other

Colors such as beige and brown add warmth and intimacy to your place. These two colors create a sense of stability, strength and security in the place, and for this reason, your place will no longer be boring for your audience.

The impact of color on interior decoration
Golden and brown colors enhance the sense of intimacy.

Yellow color is one of the powerful colors to create a positive feeling in the place. This color makes your interior very attractive. We have to tell you that this color greatly strengthens your sense of logic in decision-making moments and for regular people, it is one of the colors that we strongly recommend.

florar wallpaper
Flowers convey a sense of vitality

Another group of colors are also great for creating a sense of trust and originality in the place.

If you are looking for an original and Persian color to choose your wallpaper, go for royal blue. Due to its proximity to green, royal blue increases the sense of continuity and strength in the place. If you want these two feelings to be very obvious in your place, use the combination of royal blue with red and orange colors.

Choosing wallpaper with psychological principles
Colored turquoise blue that is very effective in conveying the sense of power and authenticity.

The psychology of choosing a wallpaper design

The principles of psychology do not only pay attention to choosing colors, but also accompany you to choose a suitable design.

Look at the floral wallpapers, Aren’t they reminiscent of the feeling of spring and cheerfulness, freshness and vitality? What about damask wallpapers? The glory and power that this design creates in your space will definitely convey a sense of confidence in your audience.

bedroom wallpaper
Choose colors and designs for the bedroom that enhances the feeling of relaxation.


Choosing white wallpaper
The combination of white and Damascus design convey a sense of calm and relief and trust.

But this story still continues. Even simple wallpapers tell you that simplicity and beauty are not separate from each other or the wallpapers that are combined from several designs speak of different feelings to us It is enough to have a deep and detailed knowledge of designs and colors to turn the interior of your house or workplace into a pleasant place. designs are not created for no reason.

Weaned wallpaper
Weaned wallpapers are also rich in meanings and concepts.

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