glitter wallpaper

glitter wallpaper

glitter wallpapers are another category of new generation wallpapers that reflect more light in the place with glitter particles. The reflection and design of light is one of the concerns of people in interior decoration. In the meantime, products such as wallpaper that cover a wide area of the home, the light reflection will be very important.

glitter wallpaper in interior decoration

glitter particles are one of the most widely used products in various industries. If these particles are used on the wall paper, in addition to the beauty it gives to the final product, it causes wider light reflection in the place.

glitter wallpapers are designed and produced in such a way that each product, based on its design and color, glitter particles are purposefully stuck in different parts. The adhesion of these particles is such that they will never be removed from the wall paper, even if you have to wash your product, the glitter particles will still remain.

glitter wallpape
A royal glitter wallpaper with a unique color scheme for the living room

wider reflection of light

One of the strong point of new generation PVC wallpapers is their light reflection in the place, this theme is enhanced by glitter particles, and show more effect in the final product. It doesn’t matter if your design is classic or modern, glitter wallpapers, which are purposefully used in the final product, increase the elegance and beauty of your place.

bright wallpapers
Using shine seeds in bright wallpapers; It causes light reflection.

new generation wallpapers

One of the main features of new generation and PVC wallpapers is their ability to be washed. It doesn’t matter how much glitter particles are used on your wallpaper, by washing the wall paper, these particles will not be removed from the paper.

Golden or silver

glitter particles are usually offered in two color ranges, golden and silver. During the design and production of wall paper, it is decided what color to use on the paper, this matter is directly related to the final color and design.

Wreath patina design wallpaper

All the products of the Extreme Walls collection are glitter wallpapers that are designed and produced with special elegance and precision. glitter wallpapers have many fans these days, especially if you coordinate your design with other accessories in your interior this elegance and beauty will be doubled.


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