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These days, the use of wallpaper in home decoration design has become so popular and pervasive that it has even found its way into the kitchen space. The use of wallpaper in the interior design of the kitchen may not be very familiar to you, but it can well replace options such as tiles, wall hangings, and other items and give an attractive and special atmosphere to your kitchen. In this article, we are going to teach you how to make your kitchen wallpaper.

Kitchen space wallpaper
Creeper floral design wallpaper code 4073 from Uranium album

Usually, special designs are used for the interior design of the kitchen, which are slightly different in appearance from the models used for other spaces.

Tropical wallpaper wallpaper in the kitchen
Tropical wallpaper in the kitchen

Make your kitchen wallpaper?

The kitchen is made up of different components and parts that should pay attention to both the functionality of the workspace and the issue of visual beauty. Apart from kitchen utensils, which must be used with care when buying, the kitchen wall is one of the most important parts of the interior design of a kitchen. The kitchen wall is considered at first glance, initiative and optimal choice for wall covering can play a significant role in the overall appearance of the kitchen.

kitchen wallpaper
The beautiful green theme in the kitchen next to the tropical wallpaper

How to make your kitchen wallpaper using tiles

In the past, tiles have always been used to cover kitchen walls because the grease created by cooking and washing made it a concern that the walls would be fully washable with water. But today, thanks to new technologies in the production of new materials, you can take a little initiative and this time use washable wallpaper instead of tiles and enjoy the creative design of wallpaper for the kitchen space. The good thing is that whenever you feel heartbroken, you can simply replace it with another one, while it is not easy to change and replace the kitchen tile cover.

Sample of tiny tiles on kitchen walls
Sample of tiny tiles on kitchen walls

Inter-cabinet designs

Inter-cabinet wallpaper designs are extremely diverse. The choice depends on your taste. If you want to design a special and different kitchen, you should use different wallpaper. The choice of wallpaper can not be limited to the wall between cabinets. You can install wallpaper for the kitchen wall of the part where the refrigerator or dining table is located. Be sure to create a modern and stylish decoration that will be a space, intimate, for breakfast and food during the day for you and your guests.

Geometric designs are very stylish and different for cabinets
Geometric designs are very stylish and different for cabinets

Striped design

Among the wallpaper designs that seem to be suitable for the kitchen space, a corrugated design can also be suggested. Striped designs generally do not belong to a specific space and their use can be seen in all spaces. These designs are attractive and stylish and can make your kitchen look very different and unique. Striped designs come in a variety of models and offer a variety of colors to choose from. You can set the color of some of their lines with cabinets or other parts of the kitchen.

corrugated wallpaper
The idea of ​​changing the height between cabinets visually by corrugated wallpaper

Written design

A modern design that has attracted the attention of many these days and is used in the decoration design of many parts of the house is the written design. Written designs can also be suitable for a space such as a kitchen, as they are more commonly used. Some of these designs are generally simple and only in some parts of them, there are their writings.

written wallpaper
It is better to apply the written wallpaper on a wall

Poster design

Poster wallpapers are also well known among the people and have found their place among other models. These wallpapers can create very dramatic and special changes in the environment by running in any space. Poster wallpapers are the large tagged image that is mounted on the surface you want to create a seamless, integrated look. You can order these types with your favorite design in a size that fits the space between cabinets or other kitchen areas.

yellow and blue colors
The combination of yellow and blue colors gives a special effect to the kitchen

Geometric design

The geometric design is one of the designs among the types of wallpaper that is used to design various spaces. The kitchen is one of these many spaces that can be given a beautiful appearance with the help of geometric patterns. Geometric designs, because they are not designed for a specific area, create harmony with all kinds of styles, and are also suitable for use in the kitchen. You can easily match the geometric patterned wallpapers with any style of cabinets and decorations that you have in your kitchen and cover the walls beautifully.

Kitchen geometric design wallpaper
Execution of geometric design on kitchen walls is better for a single wall

Make your kitchen wallpaper

Some wallpapers are for the kitchen. This means that they can not be used in other decorations. Like tile wallpaper or wallpapers between cabinets. On the other hand, the wallpaper that you have in mind for the kitchen must be washable. In the following topics, you will learn more about how to use these wallpapers.

kitchen wallpaper
The foliage design is suitable for use on small walls

How to make your kitchen wallpaper using tile design

Another design that is very popular in kitchen decoration design and is usually used only for the kitchen is the tile design. The tile design is created in such a way that after execution, it gives the same state to your kitchen décor that the tile will give.

Kitchen wallpaper
Unique effect with the help of matte and embossed wallpaper

These designs are prepared for the kitchen space and are therefore a good choice. Some designs, which also have protrusions, make the appearance of the tile much better. They are just like tiling the kitchen walls

Tile design wallpaper
Use wallpaper with tile design between cabinets

Washable wallpaper

High-quality washable wallpapers are available in a variety of designs to match the styles of your kitchen cabinets and utensils. Even if you are tired of the old tiles in your kitchen, you know that if you want to change the tiles, you need to destroy them. Even if you want to use adhesive tiles, it is still time-consuming and costly.

Kitchen wallpaper
View the flower design on the kitchen wall and combine it with yellow

Wallpaper with a small amount of wall surface substructure can change the look of your kitchen in a matter of hours. If you are worried that washing and spraying water on the top of the sink may affect your wallpaper, you can use a tile up to a height and install wallpaper on top of the ceiling. Although new and quality wallpapers have this capability, in general, you can use wallpaper for any wall of the kitchen that you are considering.

monochrome kitchen
The idea of ​​using a wall covering with a different color in the monochrome kitchen

Inter-cabinet wallpaper

Between the kitchen cabinets is one of the parts of the kitchen wall, which is very visible because it is framed by two rows of cabinets up and down. This space is always in front of the eyes and a good choice of design and color will have a great impact on the kitchen decor. But do not think that you have to provide expensive materials and tiles for the kitchen wall to make the interior design of your kitchen great.

kitchen wallpaper
It is better to use washable wallpaper between cabinets

If you are one of those people who are interested in natural material or tile design cabinets, you can cover the wall between the kitchen cabinets with patterned wallpapers, tile designs, and decorative stone designs, stone designs. Display the look and feel of a real stone or tile.

Kitchen wallpaper
The harmony of warm colors in the kitchen is very pleasant

It is also much cheaper and you can change the wallpaper design from time to time. It turns out that digging and installing tiles and stones is much more expensive and time-consuming. The new wallpapers are very high quality and washable and can be easily cleaned with detergent and water. If you are worried about the heat of the gas or the cooker for the back of the gas wall, you can install the heated glass on the wallpaper for protection. However, many exterior wallpapers are also heat resistant, you can make them.

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