If we look at the history of wallpaper, we will find that wallpaper has been used as a popular wall covering in all parts of the world for centuries. This popular wall covering is used by interior designers as a luxury item in many European and American countries. But which are the famous brands of wallpaper in the world? This is a question that may have occupied the minds of many audiences, especially those who are looking for a brand for their product.

Famous wallpaper brands in the world

Branding a company depends on many parameters. But in the case of wallpaper, its branding depends on several parameters. Among these parameters, we can mention the designer, the type of paper and its suitability for everyone. The brands that we will mention below have exactly the mentioned parameters and most of the wallpaper stores try to always use their albums and designs for sale due to the reputation of these brands. Stay with us to learn more about these famous brands. The list we have given is in the order of the English alphabet and their order is not a proof of their popularity.


A.S. Création Group

A.S. Création Group
An example of wallpaper produced by A.S. Création Group

A.S. Design Group Création is a German company that was established in 1974 and operates in two sectors: wallpaper and furniture fabrics. This group has global competition in the wallpaper sector and is known as one of the best wallpaper brands. 90% of this company’s sales are dedicated to wallpaper. Their wallpapers are produced in Germany and Belarus and sold all over the world. This company has branches in England, Holland, France and Russia. The production and supply of their sofa fabrics is based only in Germany.

This company, also known as Création Tapeten AG in the wallpaper sector, is one of the leading manufacturers of wallpaper in Europe. It produces and markets more than 6,000 wallpapers of all kinds and designs every year. In addition to wallpaper production, this company offers a wide range of services to its customers: interior decoration design, marketing, advertising design, as well as 24-hour delivery services.

Website: https://www.as-creation.com/home.html



An example of wallpaper produced by Eijffinger

This old and long-standing company in the wallpaper industry was started in 1875 by Anna Eijffinger and her husband Theo from a wallpaper shop on Royal Street Noordeinde in the Netherlands. Anna had a strong business instinct and worked in the design of the company. In those years, Eijffinger company offered two products, decorative embroidery and wallpaper, but because the demand for wallpaper was much higher, in less than a year, Eijffinger company switched exclusively to wallpaper production.

In the first hundred years, this company only produced wallpaper, but after some time, as the industry flourished, they added curtain industry as part of the collection. Today, this group operates internationally in both industries and has a great reputation.

This company has been successful in the interior decoration industry for 147 years. In all these years, creativity and the desire to innovate and pay attention to the latest decoration trends, colors and designs have made this brand always one of the choices of different people.

The production factory of this company is located in the Netherlands, but their market is not limited by location and they are very popular all over the world.

Website: Eijffinger.com



طراحی Erismann
An example of wallpapers designed by Erismann company

The German company Erismann started its activity in 1838 by Rudolf Erismann with the purchase of the Johann Baptist Hau factory. This bankrupt factory was bought at the insistence of Rudolf Erismann’s daughter and made the wallpaper industry his main profession. This factory was located at the gate of France on the Rhine, which is now known as a historical site.

It is interesting to know that the fame of this company occurred in 1840. Franz Josef Müller traveled all over Germany with samples of Erismann wallpaper in a carriage and horse and started promoting this wallpaper. In the early years of this industry, it was manual and manufacturers like Ersimann had to implement all the designs manually on the wallpapers. The manual printing press was invented in 1848 and made things a little easier for manufacturers.

But it must be said that this company has been one of the best wallpaper brands in all these years, not only in the industry but also in its designs. This company was the first German wallpaper manufacturer to produce its wallpapers without phthalates. Phthalates are used as plasticizers and are classified as “semi-volatile organic compounds”. They are suspected of being harmful to health and the environment. Since 2010, the company has used an alternative plasticizer called DINCH, which is specifically used for medical products such as syringes. This structure is also used for toys and children’s products and is completely harmless.

This German company has been one of the best and most popular brands in the wallpaper industry for 184 years. Paying attention to the progress in the industry and design, being up-to-date and using the best materials has made Erismann able to maintain its brand in this industry all these years.

Website: https://www.erismann.de


Extreme Walls

extreme walls
An example of Extreme Walls wallpapers

Extreme Walls Company is a leading company in the field of designing and producing PVC or vinyl wallpapers, which started its work 5 years ago in China.

Many prominent designers from all over the world cooperate with this company and the exclusive albums of this collection have become a model for many companies producing PVC wallpaper.

The purposeful use of wreath layers, new engraving methods, manual cylindering, high quality of raw materials, proper display of products on the site and digital catalogs have been part of the activities of this emerging and modern company in the field of vinyl wallpapers.

It is interesting to know that this company has a special view on the Asian market and by offering exclusive albums for this market as well as affordable prices, it has drawn many of the industry players in Iran to this company.
The albums that have been released by this company have been mostly in classic and post-modern styles. One of the prominent products of this company, which was very popular in Asia, was Uranium album.

website: https://extreme-walls.com/en

Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown
An example of Graham & Brown’s wallpapers

For more than seventy years, Graham & Brown has been popular with wallpaper enthusiasts through innovation, creativity and industry updates. The company was founded by two friends named Harold Graham and Henry Brown. The company has been family run since 1946 from its head office in Blackburn.

Today, this leading company in the British wallpaper industry has expanded its range to produce paints, wall paintings and furniture. The products of this company are sold directly on their website. This company was recognized as the best British interior decoration brand in 2017. In addition to the United Kingdom, this company produces its products in America, France, Holland, Russia, China and Australia and sells them in more than 75 countries.

Andrew Graham, CEO and third-generation member of the founding family, believes that Graham & Brown’s dedicated employees are what set the company apart from its competitors. “Graham & Brown employees are our magic dust,” he says – seventy-nine employees have been with the company for over 25 years! Everyone is eager to provide the highest quality product and exceed the expectations of the customers.

Website: https://www.grahambrown.com


An example of Grandeco design wallpapers

Belgium’s Grandeco Wallfashion Group is one of the largest manufacturers of wall covering products in the world. The company is located in Tielt – once the heart of Belgium’s textile industry. The total production of this company reaches more than 13 million rolls per year. The range of products of this company is still growing and expanding.

This company named Ideco was founded in Tielt in 1978 as part of the Balta Group. While Balta Company specializes in carpet production, this company was established to focus on wall covering production. The choice of Tielt as a base of operations is not accidental: Between the 13th and 16th centuries, Tielt was one of the most vibrant centers of the textile industry. Since 1991, this company has been producing vinyl wallpaper. In the year, the company changed the name of Ideco to Grandeco Wallfashion Group. The name change paved the way for further growth and expansion.

In 2014, Grandeco acquired the Polish company Trendtapety with all its assets, which gave it a strong position in the Polish market. A year later, Grandeco was able to launch Moscow-based Grandeco Russia by purchasing Dualest in Russia. In 2016, he established his own company called Vertical Art, Grandeco Germany in Germany and by doing this, he expanded his market almost all over Europe.

Since 2017, this company has switched to digital printing, and with this, it was able to implement color and design on paper with higher accuracy, and as a result, it became more popular among people interested in interior decoration. In 2020, the company acquired Holden Decor as part of its global expansion strategy. The acquisition also fueled Grandco’s ambition to become the pan-European market leader in the wallcovering industry. Grandco wants to continue the unique success of Holden Decor, allowing the company to operate independently.

In 2021, Grandco will buy Wall!Supply. As a result of the purchase of Wall!Supply, Grandco entered the market of paneled wall coverings and their industry expanded widely.

Today in 2022, Belgium’s Grandeco Wallfashion Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wall covering products. This company consists of more than 330 employees and has representatives in more than eighty different countries. The central production unit is still located in Tielt (Belgium). The sales centers of this company are located in Belgium, Germany, France, England, Poland and Russia. This company is always developing and in addition to wall covering products, it plans to market other product categories in the future. Sustainable growth is the slogan of this company.

website: https://www.grandecogroup.com



An example of HohenBerger brand wallpaper

This German company was founded by Paul Taubert in the last 90 years ago. From the very beginning of this famous brand, it has been famous for making delicate and handmade wall coverings. Although industrial machines have advanced, this company has remained faithful to the design of handmade wallpaper. The wallpapers produced by this company are designed and produced in an individual and personalized way.

The hand-made design and coloring of these wallpapers has made this wallpaper brand famous and popular all over the world, and their wallpapers can be seen in many important and public places.

Website: https://www.hohenberger-wallcoverings.com



An example of wallpaper produced by Marburg company

Marburger Tapetenfabrik is one of the oldest wallpaper manufacturers in Europe and sells its products under the brand name Marburg Wallcoverings. Marburger Tapetenfabrik has produced the first wallpaper with repeating pattern, fabric wallpaper and vinyl profile as well as non-woven wallpaper.

This company is run by a family and is currently in its fifth generation of ownership. In 1845, Johann Bertram Schaefer started a business in Marburg specializing in interior decoration, and from 1879 he started making wallpaper. The company was based in Marburg until the beginning of World War II. The company’s headquarters have been located in Kirchhain since the 1950s. All wallpapers and wallcoverings are produced here only.

Marburger Tapetenfabrik produces more than 4,000 different wallpaper types. The products of this company are considered medium to high in terms of price. Marburger Tapetenfabrik produces the largest number of modern, non-woven wallpapers of all wallpaper manufacturers worldwide.

Marburger Tapetenfabrik is also known for making wallcoverings based on technology that is able to block X-rays and magnetic fields. Marburg wall coverings are exported to 80 different countries. Outside the European Union member countries, the most important export countries of this company are America, Russia and China. Marburger Tapetenfabrik has used famous designers such as Ulf Moritz, Luigi Colani, Werner Bergs, Karim Rashid and Zaha Hadid to design their wallpapers.

Website: https://marburg.com

Missoni Home

An example of Missoni Home wallpaper designs

Missoni is a company in the fashion and clothing industry. The company was founded by Ottavio (“Tai”) and Rosita Missoni in Gallarate, Lombardy in 1953, and the Missoni family still owns the majority of the company. This company is mostly known for designing clothes, but they have subsidiary companies that are active in other industries. Missoni Sport, M Missoni, Missoni Home, Hotel Missoni are among the companies under the collection.

Missoni Home is a company that has been active in the field of sofa fabric and wallpaper design since 1981 and has been able to be very successful in this market.

Website: https://www.missoni.com



An example of Rasch design wallpaper

Rasch company is one of the oldest and most famous wallpaper manufacturers that has been in the wallpaper industry for more than 150 years. The company is now run by the fifth generation of the Rush family. The company was founded in 1861 and is currently managed by Dr. Frederick Rausch, Darius Rausch and Schulze Eisfort.

This brand has always been known for its high quality, sophisticated designs and the use of the latest technologies and influence in the art of the wallpaper industry. The company consists of 430 employees in the head office in Bramsche, Germany and has other production sites in Poland and Ukraine. The representative offices of this company have extensive activities in Russia, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, China and Ukraine.

Website: https://www.rasch-tapeten.de


Roberto Cavalli

roberto cavali
An example of wallpaper designed by Roberto Cavalli

Is it possible to talk about the world of design and fashion and not mention Roberto Cavali? Roberto Cavali is an Italian company in the fashion and design industry that was founded in 1970 by Roberto Cavali in Florence. This designer is famous for animal skin designs on textiles and leather, and his wallpaper designs are no exception. Roberto Cavali company is famous in fashion and accessories industry including handbags, glasses, watches, shoes, perfumes and jewelry.

In addition to working in the field of clothing and accessories, Roberto Cavali also works in the interior design of luxury buildings and hotels, and it can be said that he is world famous in all fields.

Website: https://www.robertocavalli.com


نمونه‌ای از کاغذ دیواری طراحی شده توسط Sanderson

Sanderson Design Group is an international company in the field of luxury interior decoration that works in the field of designing and producing wallpaper and fabric along with a wide range of interior decoration materials. The company was founded in 1860 and in 2020 brought its collection of brands under Sanderson Design Group PLC.

This group is a collection of 7 luxury interior decoration brands, which are:

  • Sanderson
  • Morris & Co
  • Zoffany
  • Harlequin
  • Clarke & Clarke
  • Scion
  • Archive

All Sanderson brands are famous and successful in their industry. Sanderson started out importing French wallpaper into London and was originally called Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd. Such was the success of Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd that in 1924 they were awarded a Royal Warrant to supply wallpaper to the court of George V.

Since 1940, the company has expanded its work by acquiring this company and is historically one of the oldest interior design companies in the UK. Today, the company designs a wide range of designs in modern to classic styles. With more than 160 years of history and experience, this company is one of the most famous interior decoration design brands, especially wallpaper.

Website: https://sanderson.sandersondesigngroup.com/wallpaper



An example of a Versace wallpaper design

Brand Gianni Versace S.r.l. We all know it as Versace, the Italian luxury fashion design company founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. This company is also famous for its fashion design and its logo is inspired by Medusa. Medusa is a mythological creature whose hair consisted of snakes and when people gazed into her eyes, they turned to stone.

The brand is known for its innovative designs and iconic glamorous prints and bright colors. This company was bought by Michael Kors in 2018. Donatella Versace still works at the company as creative design director.

Versace operates under the Versace Home brand in the field of luxury and glamorous wallpaper. Versace wallpapers in collaboration with A.S. Création, which we talked about above, are produced and distributed. Versace wallpaper designs have maintained the originality of their designs in the wallpaper industry as well.

Website: https://www.versace.com


Zambaiti Parati

Zambaiti Parati
An example of wallpaper designed by Zambaiti Parati

Zambaiti Parati is an Italian company active in the field of wallpaper design and production. This company is one of the most popular wallpaper brands. Zambaiti Parati is known for producing flawless wallpapers.

Website: https://www.zambaitiparati.com


An example of wallpaper designed by Zoffany

As mentioned above, this company is one of the subgroups of Sanderson Design Group PLC, which is particularly popular in the world in the field of wallpaper design and production.

Website: https://zoffany.sandersondesigngroup.com


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