Teen room wallpaper

Teen bedroom design should be a space where the teenager feels comfortable and at ease. Designing a youth room is difficult, but equally enjoyable. If you, as a young person, consider the time you spend in your bedroom and design your room based on your interests, you can create your world. Teen room wallpaper should also be made by choice.

Youth room design
The use of night light wallpaper on the ceiling has a very beautiful effect

Addressing this need will reduce many of your teen’s behavioral and behavioral abnormalities. Because at this age your child is very sensitive to his property and he wants to change it according to his taste. Being effective makes your teen feel great and successful. It is better to decorate his room with his help and opinion.

Teen room wallpaper
The theme of the teen wallpaper should be consistent with his personality

Wallpaper for teen room

Teen bedroom design is one of the most attractive types of design. They allow you to show any creativity and emotion, while most adults do not feel very comfortable with such a thing.

Skeleton wallpaper
Use wallpaper with a special design for the teen room

Adults are less likely to go for unusual designs, even if they are going to have a more vibrant design for their bedroom, or if they want to go back a little to their adolescence or decorate their room with posters or more vivid items. Therefore, the interior design and decoration of the teen bedroom allow the parents’ fantasy dreams to come true.

Youth room design
The idea of ​​combining wallpaper and white paint for walls

Teen room walls

The walls of a teenager’s room are always one of the parts of his room that he wants to display. Many teens want to hang successes such as sports medals or plaques of appreciation on the wall.

Geometric wallpaper
The idea of ​​installing several accessories on the wall of a teenager’s room

This shows how much the wall is the center of attention and display of a teenager. Nothing can help your teen’s room designer as much as wallpaper. By installing wallpaper for your teen room, you have made a wonderful shortcut.

It is inconceivable that the installation of wallpaper on the wall of her room will have an incredible effect on the decoration of the teen room. There are a variety of wallpaper designs for teen rooms that match the crowded and vibrant décor.

Pink decoration
Run a simple girl wallpaper in a room with a pink theme

Gray colors in teen bedroom design

The use of gray tones in the interior design makes the color elements visible. In addition, using a neutral base is a more practical choice. Because it can be easily combined with modern designs. Yellow is an interesting color that can be added to the design of a part where younger people live and have a spirit of diversity.

Gray decoration
The idea of ​​using a gray theme in bedroom decoration

Use of curtains

Suspended curtains and soft textures give a strange feeling to the whole room. The soft gray and pink colors create a relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for having a good night’s sleep, enjoying the sunrise, and starting a beautiful morning. It is the use of unique details instead of an expensive architecture that makes this design suitable for any budget.

Using curtains in a teenager's bedroom
The idea of ​​using curtains in a girl’s bedroom to add more elegance

Teen girl bedroom design

Looking for ideas for your teen girl room? Every teenage girl has her style, it may be completely feminine or fancy, stylish, seductive, or very simple.

Even if you have a flawed teenage girl, still add cheerful colors and colorful designs to the room according to her taste and personality. The colors are great and try to use colorful accessories, which you can change from time to time according to your mood.

Teen room wallpaper
The use of floral designs in girls’ bedrooms is very stylish and special

Perfectly girly bedroom

A colorful playful tone with a fully active and cheerful style can harmonize well with your teen. The use of wallpaper makes a bright focal point and artistic pendant accessories give the bedroom a glamor and shine. The combination of purple and pink makes the bedroom stand out. The desk in front of the bed allows your daughter to study and work on lesson projects.

Pink decoration
An example of a girl’s bedroom with a pink theme

Mix and blend bright floral sheets with brightly colored and index layers. Also, paint the walls in brightly colored shades. Finally, you create a bedroom with an attractive theme that keeps every teenager satisfied with the details.

Pink decoration
Beautiful combination of curtains and floral wallpaper in the bedroom decoration

Teen room wallpaper design in a minimalist way

A bedroom with a minimalist design, combined with effects of vivid and bright colors, will make you feel youthful in the room. The combination of colors with soft tones makes this bedroom very girly and stylish. A pink bedside lampshade is great for young girls who love to read at night.

Poster wallpaper

A type of teen room wallpaper is in the form of a poster wallpaper. These posters include large, printed images, such as car pictures, landscape pictures, and sports pictures, which match the decoration of your son’s teen room. Of course, the poster wallpaper for girls has floral designs with cheerful and soft colors, which are very suitable for decorating a teenage girl’s room.

Teen room wallpaper
Special decoration idea with the help of a world map wall poster

Geometric designs

Geometric Design Wallpaper One of the most interesting wallpaper designs for your teen room decoration is that it creates a dynamic and happy atmosphere.

Teen room geometric design wallpaper
One of the most popular designs for teen rooms is a geometric design

Teen boy room wallpaper

Teen bedroom decoration is always associated with its challenges and stories. Because adolescence is a sensitive and challenging age for future men. Designing a teen bedroom decoration is one of the necessary tasks to personalize the personal identity of your teen home. The choice of wallpaper should be made according to his moods and needs.

Teen boy room wallpaper
Use wallpaper that is neutral to the layout of the bedroom

Your son will naturally want a change in his bedroom décor after he reaches childhood and enters adolescence. Room design changes can start from the walls. Meanwhile, teen-friendly wallpapers can be a great help in realizing what is in your teen’s mind.

Written wallpaper design
An example of a favorite wallpaper of most teens

Wallpapers are available in different types. There are different types of wallpaper in the form of border, poster wallpaper, and patterned and simple wallpaper on the market that can be used either as a whole or as a single wall in your son’s bedroom. Poster wallpaper is one of the most popular types of wallpaper that teens like to design in their bedrooms. Because their big pictures can include popular characters or pictures and urban landscapes, etc. This type of poster wallpaper can also be custom designed and printed with specific dimensions of your wall.

Teen boy room wallpaper
The idea of ​​implementing two different walls with a combination of warm and neutral colors

Ship design

Ship design wallpaper is an interesting design to be set with crimson and blue decoration. This color can well create an interesting two-color combination with white.

Teen room ship design wallpaper
An example of a ship running on a single wall

Blue color

Blue is a symbol of masculine color. This color, which is one of the best-selling colors for the decoration of your teen bedroom, is blue, in contrast to the girly pink color. Blue in all its shades can define your teen boy’s bedroom. Light blue will be soothing for your son and can balance his daily excitement and stress.

Blue-green color
Special arrangement with a combination of cream, brown, and blue-green colors

Dark blue or navy blue is another popular color for teen bedroom decoration. This color in combination with blue can make your boy’s bedroom layout attractive. Blue wallpaper and crimson wallpaper are the best-selling colors to install in your teen bedroom.

Teen bedroom
Implement a color theme in teen room design


Orange is an attractive and energetic color. This color can be an attractive color for your boy’s teen room.

Orange boy room
Create energy and dynamism in the bedroom with the help of an orange and white color combination

Green color

Green is another color that can encourage your son to pay attention to this decoration. This color, since it is the color of nature, brings vitality and vitality to your child. Brick wallpaper is also one of the most popular wallpaper designs for teenage boys.

The green color of the boy room
The idea of ​​using green wallpaper for the wall behind the bed

Shared bedroom between two boys

A shared bedroom between two boys should have closets under the bed and work and study space between the two beds. A bunk bed that can be used as a desk at the bottom can be interesting. The study and work sections can be separated by a half-floor.

Finally, it can be said that the use of designs in the design of a teenager’s bedroom depends on two things:

  1. Family taste and space in the bedroom
  2. Adolescent tastes and adolescent gender
Teen bedroom design
An example of common room decoration

Create storage space for the teen room

Every parent knows how hard it is to expect your child to keep the room tidy. Create attractive storage spaces and it will not take long for them to put all their belongings in them. In designing a teen bedroom, use boxes, baskets, and boxes for maximum capacity and use of storage space, which is both functional and visually pleasing. Let your child decorate them with their favorite colors and newspaper clippings.

Youth room design
One of the interests of teenagers in this period is to use as little light as possible

Bedroom design for buds

Maybe you want a bedroom to study in. So you need to design decoration to avoid distractions. Specify a specific space for your desk. If you want sports activities. You need to prepare an open design decoration. Create enough space for mobility.

Girly wallpaper
In a girl’s room, using a heart design is always eye-catching

If you want to play the instrument comfortably in your room, read a book and get rid of the tiredness of the day, all you have to do is prepare a special corner for yourself. By placing a chair in this corner and applying bedroom wallpaper, you can create a comfortable place for yourself.

Youth room design
The idea of ​​framing bedroom walls for more order

Free space design in the youth room

When it comes to an ideal bedroom design, you need to design a functional and usable space. Since the bedroom is the place where you, as the youngest member of the family, spend most of your time, you should have enough space to move around.

Girl room design
In designing a teen room, be sure to consider space for tables and chairs

A crowded room makes it difficult to move and breathe. Even if you choose very stylish and beautiful accessories, the beauty of these objects will not be seen in the crowded room. For this reason, first, buy accessories that fit the size of the room. For small bedrooms, choose more spacious appliances with less space, such as folding beds.

Modern bedroom
Create a beautiful color theme by combining gray, blue, and pink

Placing objects and appliances next to the walls will create a space in the middle of the room, which may help you in the future. You may not need outdoor space in the room today, but in the future when you need a device, you will have enough space to store it.

Youth room design
Simple and functional design in a small bedroom

Show your taste

This room is your world. It is you who are supposed to rest, sleep, think, spend time and live in this room in general. For this reason, show your taste. Design the floor and walls according to your taste and buy furniture and beds according to your taste. The use of decorative accessories based on personal interests and details that reflect your taste will create an impressive and unique atmosphere.

Teen room
Use monochrome style to design a relaxing bedroom

Use applications

In recent years, we are facing various models in the field of youth room accessories. The new generation of youth room design, in addition to practicality and convenience of accessories, also saves a lot of room space. For urban living, because the houses are smaller, the smallest room in the house usually belongs to the children of the family. In these rooms, to create a comfortable atmosphere, the most used accessories should be used. These devices have a practical design, take up less space, but allow you to embed more devices. These accessories allow you to make the best use of the room space.

Youth room design
Teen room decoration with the help of neutral colors

Avoid dark colors when designing a youth bedroom

The youth room is small enough. Dark appliances make the room darker and smaller. For this reason, when you want to design a youth room, avoid dark colors as much as possible. You can use cream, beige, and light blue wallpapers, especially if you have an activity in the room that you need to focus enough on.

Colorful bedroom
Colorful bedroom idea with the help of wallpaper

Gray is also a color that enhances creativity, so you can also use light gray in the design of teen and young bedrooms. You can choose the color of the crown of the bed or the top of the bed in gray and enjoy its beautiful combination with white.

Youth room design
Use lemon color to create harmony in the gray theme

Use red in the bedroom

A bedroom in interior decoration is one of the most difficult places to choose the right color and decoration. If you have trouble designing your bedroom, using red in the bedroom can make things easier for you. Red has a special structure inside and helps to achieve a beautiful and romantic bedroom.

Red teen bedroom
The use of red in the bedroom doubles the excitement of the space

The effects of red in the bedroom

Red is at the top of all warm colors. This color is physically a symbol of mobility, dynamism, and youth and spiritually a symbol of happiness, endurance, and self-esteem. Red is a symbol of strength and stability and makes people move and dynamic. This is why red is usually used more in accessories that belong to young people and teenagers.

The use of red wallpaper in the design of a youth room is very effective and attracts attention in the first moment, but if a person is exposed to red light for a long time, he will feel upset and anxious. There are several ways you can do this if you want to use red in your bedroom décor.

Youth room design
Balance the red bedroom with the help of wallpaper

For example, you can choose a wall and cover it with red wallpaper and create a red bedroom using a red carpet and a predominantly red bedspread. But if you do not want to use red color on the walls in general, you can use red color in the bed and accessories to bring this color to your bedroom.

The use of red furniture in the design of the youth room

Due to its structure and properties, the red color causes a feeling of anger when you are exposed to it for a long time. For this reason, in designing a youth room, if you use another color next to red, you can reduce the effects of red. The most harmonious and suitable colors to be used next to red are white and black.

Youth room design
Combining red and neutral colors to create a calmer atmosphere


Black in the design of the youth room darkens the room and therefore should be used sparingly. But white creates a beautiful combination with red. By using white, in addition to eliminating the negative effects of red, you will also achieve a bright and warm room.

Red wallpaper in youth room design

Excessive use of red color in the design of teenage and young bedrooms makes the natural light of the room not be felt in the space. This makes the space dark and irritating. This happens to the point that the person does not feel satisfied being in the room. When using red, it is best to consider it only for a specific area.

Youth room design
Impressive wallpaper execution and its combination with blue decoration

For example, you can use red for the top of the bed. Bright red, if used in small amounts, can also be used to create relaxing spaces. Combine this color with colors that are less intense in a color that is less nerve-wracking.

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