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Introduction to Various Building Facades

The facade of a building plays a crucial role in its beauty and attractiveness. Many designers, considering factors such as the type of building, weather conditions, geographical location, building floors, and the builder’s budget, use various materials and elements to enhance the facade’s aesthetics. The exterior facade of a building is its outermost and protective layer, and it must be created accurately and according to principles. In this article, we will discuss different types of building facades, focusing on Extreme Walls.

What is the exterior facade of a building


What is the exterior facade of a building, and what role does it play in the attractiveness of the building?

The building facade refers to the design and outward appearance of the building, significantly influencing its beauty. It includes all the visual and decorative details of the building used to attract attention and establish a connection between the building and its surroundings with viewers, visitors, or residents.

The building facade comprises numerous elements that directly impact attention-grabbing and the aesthetic value of the building. Below, we will examine the most important elements of a building facade.

Architectural details


Architectural details, appropriate selection of details in the building facade

In the design of the building facade, attention must be paid to architectural details such as windows and doors, as well as the use of various architectural elements. Windows and doors should be selected in suitable shapes and sizes. Additionally, beams and columns, as well as various levels in the building facade, also have a significant impact.

Details of building materials, the type of materials used

The type of materials used, such as concrete, glass, metal, wood, and stone, has an impact on the building facade. Furthermore, for enhanced attractiveness, the facades should use the right combinations of colors. Just as color selection is crucial in interior decoration styles.

Landscape design and the surrounding environment


Landscape design and the surrounding environment, green spaces and gardening

The presence or absence of green spaces and proper landscape design are crucial and essential in building facade design. Tiles in the outdoor area, walkways, and public spaces around the building play a significant role in creating green spaces. Creating and designing landscape features contribute to the adornment and design of a beautiful exterior facade.

Level and Accurate Measurement, Proportion, and Balance Among Various Elements of Building Facades

Proportion and balance among various elements of building facades, including height, width, and different ratios, are highly important. Designers must pay attention to these ratios in the construction and design of building facades.

Proper Lighting, the Attractiveness of Building Facades at Night


Proper Lighting, the Attractiveness of Building Facades at Night

Proper lighting is a crucial part of a building facade. LED panels or smart systems are considered intelligent equipment and technologies that contribute to making the building facade look attractive, especially at night.

Art and Symbols, Various Patterns

The combination of art and the design of various patterns on the exterior facade of a building makes it unique. Therefore, designers can enhance the external appearance of a building by incorporating specific patterns or symbols.

The building facade is the most important and the first thing any observer sees. The design of the building facade, as an art and science in architecture, plays a fundamental role in creating character and identity for the building.

Types of Building Facades


Types of Building Facades: Stylish and Simple Building Facades

As mentioned, the exterior facade of a building gives identity to its entire units. In fact, the building facade is the first thing someone sees before entering the building, contributing to the beauty of the neighborhood and street.

Brick Facade


Brick Facade: Classic Facade

Brick facades have gained much attention from customers and designers from the past to the present. Given the diversity of bricks available in the market, designers can create an exceptional exterior facade for the building. The implementation of a brick facade can be both simple and decorative. In both cases, bricks provide a special and extraordinary appearance to the building. Bricks come in various colors, including white, red, cardboard, decorative, and more.

Rules for Implementing Brick Facade: Important Note!

According to the regulations in building codes, painting brick facades is not allowed. Therefore, in some counties such as Isfahan and Yazd, due to the traditional texture, they use bricks in colors such as beige, cream, and traditional.

Composite Facade


Composite Facade: The Most Affordable Building Facade

For designing a composite facade, designers use aluminum composite sheets. Lightweight, high color variety, easy cleaning capability, and resistance to heat, moisture, and sound are the advantages of aluminum composite sheets. Modern structures often use colored composite sheets in facade design because they offer an extraordinary appearance. The only drawback of composite facades is their high cost. Additionally, when the composite facade gets dirty, it can be cleaned with the help of professionals in facade cleaning.

Implementation Regulations for Composite Facades, Important Note!

According to construction and implementation regulations, you can use composite and aluminum facades up to a maximum of 20% of the total surface area of the building facade facing public roads.

Cement Facade


Cement Facade: High-Speed Implementation

A cement facade is a structure that, in addition to being cost-effective, can be implemented at a high speed. In fact, the outer surface of the structure can be covered with cement in the shortest possible time. To improve the quality of the cement facade, high-quality raw materials should be used.

Cement building facades are highly resistant to fire, and in case of a fire, their progress is prevented. In the construction of building facades, white or colored cement is commonly used.

Cleaning a cement facade is easy, and you won’t need the assistance of specialists for facade cleaning. Some disadvantages of cement building facades include the possibility of breakage, cracking, lack of sound insulation, and dust absorption.

Stone Facade


Stone Facade: The Most Beautiful Building Facade

A stone facade is considered one of the most luxurious building facades. The stone facade provides a unique beauty and attractiveness that attracts people from a distance. The price of a stone building facade is relatively higher compared to other materials. A Romanesque facade is considered one type of stone facade.

Stone imparts astonishing beauty to the building and is known for its long-lasting durability and strength.

Curtain Wall


Glass Facade: Curtain Wall

A glass facade is also known as a curtain wall. The glass facade is one of the most famous building facades, commonly used for designing residential, office, and commercial structures. A glass facade has an extraordinary impact on providing light to the interior space.

Wooden Facade


Wooden Facade: Building Luxury and Modern Structures

A wooden facade is one type of building facade that uses wooden materials as the main design element. A wooden facade, utilizing thermo-treated wood with light weight yet high resistance, is created. Thermo-treated wood facades are highly resistant to fire and various weather conditions such as cold and heat.

In conclusion


In conclusion

as interior decoration is crucial for a home and can have a significant impact on individuals, the exterior appearance, or the building facade, is equally important. Professional and skilled designers should be employed for its design. Many consider the building facade as the outermost layer of the building. However, in general, the lobby, exterior facade, and green space in front of the door are all considered part of the building facade that the observer sees initially.

As discussed in the above sections, building facades come in various types, such as wooden facades, stone facades, composite facades, and others. Therefore, based on the number of floors and various purposes, you can choose one of the building facade types for design.




1. What is the most beautiful building facade that uses thermo-treated wood in its design?

   The wooden facade is considered the most beautiful building facade that uses thermo-treated wood in its design.

2. Which type of building facade is both affordable and durable?

   A composite facade can be both beautiful and cost-effective while being durable.

3. Which building facade is fire-resistant?

   A cement facade is fire-resistant and prevents the spread of fire by resisting flame propagation.

4. What is the most luxurious and expensive building facade?

   A stone facade is considered one of the most luxurious and expensive building facades.

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